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WeekAnt = weekly update of a bug’s life on every weekend! 😀

March 3rd, 2013 [Sunday]

my bestie, Theng got engaged! it was a super last minute one. the engagement supposed to take place on end of March, then suddenly the joker Raymond texted me said that he wanna change date. he had less than a week time to smooth everything out. we (Kikilala, Carmen & I) arrived only a day earlier to assist him. surprise proposal turned out surprisingly imperfectly perfect! oh well!

i suddenly realise that i’m a good proposal planner 😀 is there a job for that?

one and only thing Theng grumbled, was, she should have dressed better! (she had a facial appointment after lunchy and she certainly didn’t see this coming!)

so i told the boyfie “if ar one day you ever wanted to pop that question, purleeeese hint me to dress better, tell me you’re bringing me to some posh restaurant. i don’t wanna appear in the video in baggy shirt and shorts. i WILL kill you!”

Theng's Proposal 2

can’t wait to attend their ROM! Theng's Proposal
Kikilala specially requested me to add the word ‘PLEASE’. yes she manyak desperate 😛


March 7th, 2013 [Thursday]

got a call from boyfie’s mami, telling me that i won a grand prize at Hatten Square!

at first i was like “huh what contest”. then suddenly recalled we did instagrammed a photo for the #instalovegift contest! apparently boyie’s cousin was surfing FB and find his face pretty familiar so she told aunty about it!

OMG so excited! couldn’t contain myself that i instantly announced in FB XD


yes we won ourselves a lomantic trip to Bangkok & Huahin! XD  

March 9th, 2013 [Saturday]

yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick

was invited as media to the event at Soho Free House and enjoyed the night by learning to pour a perfect pint of GUINNESS, playing games, swooned away by magic, taking picha with props and brought home that black and green hat and a St. Patrick’s pillow! oh and also meeting other blogger for the first time! it was indeed #marchmorefun! 😀


that sum up my past week. hopefully this coming week gonna be a good good one too!

have a great week ahead ya, everybuddy! <3


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