taken on 6th October 2006 when i was still a freshie, enjoying uni life, how time flies huh :/

this pose was executed berry amateurishly back then, when i know nuts about yoga. i learned this tree pose professionally this week *smugs*. the left heel is supposed to be as close to the groin as possible. yeah, i have been taking up yoga for five months now (fulfilling one of the resolutions this year – living healthier), and i would say that yoga did a great job in strengthening and toning up muscles (hallo subtle abs!), and improving balance.

as much as i looking forward to each class (and the pain after that), i dread at sun salutation (Surya Namaskara) which is a must-practised during every class.


6 thoughts on “Vrksasana

    1. Yup! And it required focus and concentration so that you won’t fall from imbalance! But then sometimes I see one fall ar, I sure will fall together. =.=

    1. Lol. Last time got one guy in our class too. But then donno why disappeared for many weeks jor. He wore those tight tights too :/

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