Singapore in Grainy Snapshots!

i had been anticipating for this Singapore trip since early this year! reason being i haven’t stepped foot in my birthplace for more than 5 years. yes i was born in Singapore but no i’m not Singaporean. apparently you have to stay long enough (12 years) before you’re given citizenship (my parents are Malaysian). i was brought back to Malaysia and under popo’s care while daddy and mami worked their butt off in that foreign land. though sometimes i wonder how different would it be if i were a Singaporean. i might become one of those kiasi kiasu one, i think.

i was in Singapore for 5d4n and it surely wasn’t enough to see it all! i tried to squeeze some time for my friends but sorry to some of you, i couldn’t make it! next time okie! my plan to visit cafes didn’t turned out well, as well. next time next time.

and because bro came along, i brought the huge ass canggih camera (aka Hugo) with me planning to have some nice outfits and city shots, he could be Hugo’s chauffeur and my photographer, or so i thought. he did the former job berry well unfortunately he failed terribly as a photographer. as a proof of evidence,

“ge, help me to take some outfit shots!”



i shouldn’t even bothered bringing Hugo along! *wails*

and also i was too lazy to whip out Hugo even though bro’s the one who lugged it around in his backpack! but like i said, Hugo wasn’t muchy in action. most of the time, i would just snap with iBaby since i’m holding it all the time. paiseh for the quality but you don’t normally see low-res grainy photos on AntzWorLd so just bear with me for once, okie?

so are you ready for my not-so-interesting 5d4n in Singapore? :O


Day One

July 15th, 2014 [Tuesday]

Malacca – Woodlands – Redhill


we traveled with bus cos 1. the bus stops at our desired destination 2. travel to KLIA 2 is about 1/3 of the journey to Singapore.



wefie with mami and bro in Melaka Sentral to kill some time.


oh SonniaC (previously known as SoniaC) came along too, but, he doesn’t get to see too muchy light like Hugo. i was too engrossed with the surrounding and i kept forgetting about him. bad mami :/


our bus stopped at Singapore custom and we took a bus to Woodland Causeway Point to meet Aunty Cindy, mami’s bff!




left: Fish Marinade Burger | right: Chicken Teriyaki Burger

while waiting for her we ate something light at MOS. the meal cost about $12+ including a large set of fries and Coke. we preferred the later more, the meat was so juicy!


and then we met up at the food court of Woodlands Causeway Point! i thought the display of the noodle is creative!

and then Aunty C asked

“do you want to have cheng teng?”

“cheng teng? got tang hoon (冬粉) ar? but i’m quite full le…”

“huh what tang hoon?”

“huh what cheng teng?”


turned out that their cheng teng is our 六味汤 =___= culture shock #1



we left after Aunty C resumed her duty. bought ezlink cards at $12 for ourselves and a mrt ticket for mami. she got her ezlink from the bff the next day.

the ticket machines are super easy to comprehend. you can even reload at machine, not only with cash you can do it via bank transfer or something! and the ezlink card can be used for bus rides too! literally 一卡走天下.

and we came home (cousin’s) to a tableful of delectable dishes, home cooked with lotsa love by mama (godma)! the most memorable ones were the salivating pork vinaigrette and the steamed cod fish! sorry no visual! i was too ecstatic to feast on the super-got-kick-vinaigrette! i had already acquired the recipe see when i’m in the mood to execute it ar!


this mrt/lrt map was like my bible. kept one copy in my phone so i could refer when necessary! most of the time we traveled via the green & red line. every corner of Singapore is pretty muchy accessible by the mrt/lrt, maybe you’ll need additional bus ride(s) to your destination. but if you have doubt, that’s always cab! haha and the cabs all using meters one, no need to haggle for price or afraid being ripped off!


Day Two

July 16th, 2014 [Wednesday]

Redhill – Jurong East – Orchard Road – City Hall – Marina Square – Clarke Quay – Redhill


we had brekkie with mama and hubby before they went back to KL. contemplated to go Tiong Bahru but then we resorted to a coffee shop downstairs. which we had brekkie for the next three mornings.


we met Aunty C at Jurong East Station as mami had some errands to run in the vicinity. and after that we had lunchy @ Menya Musashi, Westgate. we ordered lunchy sets which come with a side dish each.

Menya offers three types of broths – ‘White’ original tonkotsu, ‘Black’ garlic oil and ‘Red’ spicy. that’s what makes Menya Musashi stands out among Ramen Restaurants. we tried all three colours  and all of them were thick and richn in flavour. the black one was a lil’ oily to my liking. and red one stood out because i emm likey spicy food. it’s not that spicy but i appreciate the extra kick in the broth. the mee was thicker than usual, but as springy! love it! you can find Menya in Malaysia too!


us with Aunty C! when i was still in mami’s uterus, Aunty C and Aunty J (mami’s another bff) were also pregnant at the same year! but sadly we grew apart over years. but mami and her bffs are still going strong despite the distance! they are friends for 31 years and still counting!

Aunty C purposely applied leave to layan us throughout our stay! awww <3


family shot in front of a panda!

where’s daddy?

he’s working his butt off while we enjoying lol. it’s workday ma, we were going to meet daddy tomorrow!


and then we hop on a bus to Orchard Road! it’s further but it stops nearer to our destination. passed by Gleneagles, my first home! it’s like a memory down the lane. cos not long after we passed by Commonwealth apartment, where i used to stay back in toddler days!


@ T Galleria

camwhored while mami’s shopping.


i can’t afford anything so i went around and drool at the bags and shoes that cost both arms and legs and eyeballs wtf

and when Aunty C said Takashimaya’s (aka Ngee Ann City) next.

my eyes widened and brows levitated.



hurriedly leeched the wifi at T Galleria to do some Googling…




LADUREE @ Takashimaya!

i chose 8 macarons based on Evonnz‘s recommendation! and the aunties kenot fathom why these bloody small round thing so expensive. but Aunty C understood my desire and paid for me! beamed like a lil’ girl, hopping around the mall while making my way to Orchard train station #unglam.

they look so dainty and i 不舍得 devour them, until the next morning.


mami had dinner with the aunties 😛 while bro and i met up with Anne, my favouritest cousin and my friend Calvin for dinner! i forgot the name of the restaurant, something Korea BBQ @ Marina Square.

it’s the day i had the most meat in my 20+ year of life, so as my dining companions. told ourselves no meat for the rest of the week!


our tummies almost exploded! Anne brought us to Clarke Quay to burn some calories by strolling  along the banks. for the uninitiated, you just have to remember Clarke Quay is where all the night owls are!

we were too full for beer but got room for dessert! yum seng-ed with ice cream bread instead XD.

and then bro and i got home with diarrhea.. wtf. the other two were fine so i guess our stomachs were protesting that we ate like carnivores!

okay day two gaodim! this post is getting too long winded so stay tuned for part two! nother two and a half days to go!

happy Monday Anteaders! xoxo


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