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October 19th, 2013 [Saturday]

second night at Shanghai, Chai Gege brought us to a Chinese restaurant – Shun Xing for dinner. Shun Xing is a chain restaurant originates from Chengdu which is famous for their Sichuan (Szechuan) cuisine, arguably one of the top and the best Sichuan restaurant in Shanghai.

according to Wikipedia, Sichuan cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan province in southwestern China. it has bold flavors, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavor of the Sichuan pepper.

I have never tasted authentic Sichuan dishes before, but Sichuan cuisine is notorious for being searing hot, spicy enough to numb your lips and palate, or in short, 麻辣, numbly spicy. I can really eat spicy, so I thought it’s good that I can gauge my level, see how spicy I can handle.

and why Shun Xing? other than their authentic food and impeccable service, there’s performances everyday at time 1930 to 2000!

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its façade exudes elaborate, lavish and luxury. upon entering the lobby, waitstaff will greet and lead you upstairs to the dining area.

we were seated at a long table, right in front of the stage. reservation is HIGHLY recommended if you want a strategic seating like us :P.

but I wish we have a round table instead, didn’t have to pass the dishes from one end to another end manually.

the dining area is spacious! I only show you the front part, there’s MORE tables at the back, far from the stage though.

snap these to kill some time while the adults ordering food. Chai Gege family has been to Shun Xing for a few times. whenever there’s visitors from Malaysia, he tends to bring them here for dinner, because, can eat and enjoy show at the same time, one stone two birds.

and how do they know about this Sichuan restaurant and other good restaurants in Shanghai? thanks to TimeOut Shanghai and some expat magazines. they read them religiously and Michelle Jiejie (Chai Gege’s wifey) will cut out those restaurant reviews that seem promising and worth trying, and keep them nicely in a file.

and then they will refer to 大众点评 for dishes recommendation. that’s what they have been doing all this while. and I find that 大众点评 is pretty informative, people leaves genuine remarks, be it positive or negative. I hope they add a pricing feature though, because I miss out some of the dishes name and price :P.

adults ordered few spicy dishes and some children-friendly dishes. please excuse the inconsistence of the lighting in photos, the light dimmed when performance took stage. I had no choice to fire the flash! prices shown is in RMB, China’s currency. RM is approximately half of RMB.

iforgotname | 43255425 RMB {not recommended}
Fresh Mixed Crown Daisy 生拌茼蒿 | 22 RMB {recommended}
North Sichuan Style Rice Jelly 川北凉粉 | 10 RMB {recommended}

some appetizers to whet our appetites and prep our palates. I totally couldn’t recall what’s the first dish, I did try to google but to no avail, apparently noone had ordered that before =.= I didn’t taste it because got smelly grass 🙁

I had my first taste of spicy Sichuan by eating North Sichuan Style Rice Jelly. ok la, it’s not as intimidating as it appears. some jelly drenched in pepper oil. Keikei finds it berry spicy cos she’s can’t handle spicy food. me? easy peasy *blows nails*. I can feel the heat, but it’s totally mild. do take note that I have a high tolerance towards spicy food.


this, slices of roast pork, roasted to perfection, children’s favorite! they sapu-ed the plate clean within seconds. delicious on their own, no other sauces/condiment needed. we had a second serving after that, highly requested by the children.

Pork Ribs with Sichuan Pepper 麻香排骨 | 88 RMB {highly recommended}

pork ribs braised with Sichuan pepper topped with glutinous rice, steamed (I think) in a bamboo basket.

an interesting pairing here. pork ribs were so tender, easily separated from bone kind. yum. I think I had three, at least. it’s everyone’s favorite at Shun Xing! it ranks second most famous dish here.

River Fish in Hot Chili Soup 沸腾鱼 | 98 RMB {highly recommended}

fish fillet and thin strips of cucumber swimming in a pool of pepper OIL. I thought it’s fish soup or something, wasn’t paying attention when they ordered. only knew it’s oil when I took a serving. my god.

as you can see here, many chili/pepper were added to increase the heat intensity. I didn’t find it spicy though, surprise surprise. Sichuan cuisine beside being spicy, is oily as well, I notice.

look at the amount of oil. gulp.

no, forget the oil, order this if you ever dine here. it’s one of the must-order at Shun Xing! and it’s my favorite dish of the night!

Pickle Bamboo Fungus 青笋泡椒木耳 | 28 RMB {recommended}

another simple and non-spicy dish. crisp bamboo stir-fried with fungus.

Pancake 乡村煎饼 | 38 RMB {recommended}

Chinese style pancake, studded with some carrot/scallion/purple cabbage bits.

Brian wrapped the roast pork with pancake, rolled them together and threaded it with a skewer chopstick

Chung Dumpling 钟水饺 | 8 RMB {recommended}

blanched dumpling drizzled with some soy sauce and pepper oil (ya oil again) sprinkled with sesame. I wonder why the dumpling here shares the same surname as me, 钟, I baidu-ed (Chinese version of Google), oh the dumpling is named after its founder, 钟少白. I see.

Shunxing Gege Wok Fried Diced Meat with Sichuan Chili 顺兴格格肉 | 58 RMB {highly recommended}

meat cubes fried with red hot chili peppers. meat was slightly salty, but I reckon they will go well with rice.

Dan Dan Mee 担担面 | 6 RMB

this dan dan mee was ordered for the kiddos, afraid that they were not full enough since most of the dishes were spicy.

Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐 | 28 RMB {not recommended, order only if you really likey mapo tofu}

soft beancurd braised in mapo sauce. the flavour was rather complex and the Sichuan pepper was overpowering, resulting the broth a lil’ bitter  which I didn’t quite likey. in fact, all of us who just flew in from Malaysian didn’t seem to enjoy this particular dish. Chai Gege and Michelle Jiejie on the other hand, enjoyed it. I guess their taste has been errr localized after residing in Shanghai for more than two years.

Stewed Fish Dressed with Soy Sauce 豆瓣鱼 | 68 RMB {recommended}

this is another famous dish at Shun Xing. super fresh fish stewed with spicy, salty fermented broad beans and soybeans paste. I have tasted this dish in Malaysia’s Chinese restaurants. the main different between two, was Malaysia’s tends to taste sweetish while China’s saltier and SPICIER.

like I mention just now, other than glorious Sichuan Cuisine Shun Xing offers, there’s half-an-hour performances every night at time 1930.

Chengdu performers will clad in silk embroidered costumes and perform some Sichuan opera such as traditional dances, acrobatic sketch, and long spout tea pot pouring

but the 重头戏 is this highly-anticipated 变脸, face-changing show!

I managed to record some of it with iBaby, it’s my first time watching it this near and they change faces lightning fast wei! it’s flawless!

in short, if you’re looking for some good Sichuan cuisine in Shanghai, I highly recommend you to try Shun Xing! Shun Xing also offers entertaining Sichuan opera, face-changing performances every night from time 1930 – 2000. do remember to reserve yourself a table right in front of the stage 😉

Shun Xing

1088 Yanan Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu, Changning district.
metro: Line 3/4 West Ya’nan Station
+00 86 21 62138988
opens daily: 1030 – 2130

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    1. hallo Huai Bin!

      yeah i enjoy this kinda dining experience too, get to devour delicious food and enjoy performance at the same time 🙂
      Chinese people are really good at inventing things i must agree 🙂

    1. hallo Ken!

      once in awhile, i don’t mind the oiliness geh..
      but why, 茼蒿 is nice what. boyfie’s mami fav veggie le! and i didn’t know 茼蒿 exists until we went steamboat together!

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