{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower 东方明珠塔 @ Lujiazui

October 21st, 2013 [Monday]

we finally did some touristy thing on the Day 4 of our Shanghai trip! the past three days were all (well) spent on shopping to the point that Chai gege (our host) had to remind us “excuse me, it’s a 旅游团, not 购物团 ar” which simply translated to “we are here as tourists, not shoppers” LOL. ooopps.

but that’s because i am the only one who first stepped foot on Shanghai, they didn’t bother to do any sightseeing and would rather spend more time buying thing :/. they layan-ed me nonetheless to spend some time off shopping :D!

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower is the most iconic landmark in Shanghai since 1994 that one shan’t miss out if you’re first time here like me!

standing tall at 468m, it’s a tv tower located at Lujiazui in Pudong district by the side of Huangpu River, opposite of The Bund (which i’m gonna show you in upcoming posts).

there’s an observation decks in the tower which we didn’t went in. i will have to save that for next trip!

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

the apple store at forecourt of IFC Mall is hard to be missed too with its magnificent cylindrical glass entrance!

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

elevators and lifts to the elevated circular deck, so thoughtful! China is quite elderly-friendly.

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

China National Day falls on 1st of October, three weeks before our arrival hence explains the  festive 喜迎国庆.

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

pretty pink sphere.

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

the weather was sooo good for a stroll. how nice if eberyday is autumn in Malaysia huh!

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower was once the tallest building in Shanghai but…

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

it was defeated by Shanghai World Financial Centre by just merely 22m in 2008. the erection on the right is Shanghai Tower which is still under construction and is expected to complete by this year, and will be crowned as the tallest building in Shanghai at 632 m!

Jin Mao Tower at 421 m was the shortest among towers aforementioned.

doesn’t the one on the left resembles an opener? the China people refers it as 开瓶器!

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower

okay gaodim! XD

thanks for reading!

hope you had a great day Anteaders! and it’s Flyday tomorrow! woohoo!


18 thoughts on “{Shanghai} Oriental Pearl Tower 东方明珠塔 @ Lujiazui

  1. Gorgeous photography! I would absolutely love to visit Shanghai some day, it looks beautiful there 🙂

    x Michelle |

  2. Wow!!! So modern. My nephew works there, and a friend’s brother too – they say so so so expensive. Must bring instant noodles there to eat – can’t afford eating out.
    suituapui recently posted..Boiling…My Profile

    1. hallo suituapui!

      errr i only paid once for the meal because i wanted to treat the boyfie’s mami who sponsored my air ticket XD. not really expensive cos it’s a cha chan teng alike, poor student ma.

      i didn’t find the food are expensive there though, the imported goods are!

    1. hallo Sean Eat Drink KL!

      hehe thanks for the compliment!
      i have neber thought of going China because you know, China is famous for creating all the fake foods and things! but i did enjoy my stay in Shanghai because there’s relatives bringing us around. luckily this trip all we ate were authentic one XD

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