{Shanghai} Morning Walk @ An Sheng Bu Xing Jie 安盛步行街

October 19th, 2013 [Friday]

woke up naturally this morning, felt revived despite awoke few times in the morning, couldn’t get used to the brightness at 5+ am. =.=

Chai gege (we stayed at his place) brought us to the wet market nearby he and Michelle jiejie frequent for grocery shopping. you know how China has alllll the fake thing, so they only visit stalls they trusted.

it was a lovely morning, slightly chilled. and i was in my checkered long-sleeved shirt and colored skinny jeans, all ready for a stroll! many elderly in China actually woke up pretty early for morning walk even though the weather has turned chill. i think that’s the secret to China people’s longevity.

and that morning itself, we felt like our lives were threatened on the road! those riders for guanyinma’s sake seem to ride in your direction. Chai gege told us to be calm, they will know how to avoid us, just walk our ways. it’s hard to follow the instruction la. you should totally see our expressions! i swear we looked like a clown to them =.= i saw China people just cross the road nonchalantly while we foreigners, ran across haha. kiasi people we are 😛

their wet market was similar to what we have in Malaysia, but donnowhy their veggies and fruits appear fresher, might be the weather or was it grass veggie is greener on the other side 外国的月亮比较圆? other than fresh produce, there’s also stalls selling baju, food and dry grocery. wet market was bustling with people literally people mountain people sea, but i certainly had a great time ogling at funny cute vehicles, queuing for 锅贴 (fried dumpling), and feeling disgusted at the sight of people spitting and ahma’s panties.

enjoy the captionless snapshots.

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ah ma riding in style.

see what i told chu 

can pay utilities bill at market also.

tough competition in China huh.

the cuppa on the left is not your typical soybean pudding drenched in brown sugar syrup. it’s actually savory soybean pudding. similar to 豆腐羹 but saltier, didn’t quite likey the taste.

went back to buy a pair of floral flats for less than RM 10 (18 RMB) !! it’s made of cloth so it’s super duper comfy. it’s a shame that they have only a pair left :(.

we tapao-ed some food home for brekkie.

houses villas in the neighborhood! so English style me likey.

and this was where i stayed! totally felt in love with it.

and brekkie is ready!

sweet glutinous encased in lotus 桂花糖莲

wanton 馄饨

i didn’t likey cos there’s more skin than meat filling. but KeiKei totally dug it cos she loved wanton skin more than the filling =.=

you see, eberyone’s taste and preference memang different one!

some braised beancurd 卤豆干

this is berry tasty, aunty LOVED it! Michelle jiejie recreated the dish for us before we flew back!

and i end this post with a selfie, me holding a longer-than-yours yao zha guai at only 1.5 RMB, approx RM 0.75 #win!

An Sheng Bu Xing Jie 安盛步行街

An Sheng St., San Lin, Pudong.

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19 thoughts on “{Shanghai} Morning Walk @ An Sheng Bu Xing Jie 安盛步行街

  1. wa…nice food, nice photos! Cute bike on pic No. 2.
    The cloth shoe is cheap n nice le…
    Surprisingly those villas are so English style wor….
    BTW…the market look quite organized 🙂

    1. hallo Melissa!

      hehe tenkiu! their bikes are all berry cute and modified one. must applaud to them la, so creative!
      yesh, all the villas in the neighbourhood look exactly like those you saw in English movies, high ceiling, island in the kitchen, garage, centralized heater and aircond.. some of the features that i really likey!

      hmm ya they divide market into sections like food at the centre while fresh produce covers the front and the back.. front part more people selling fishy stuff and back one mostly dried food!

    1. hallo Charmaine!

      some they modified themselves geh! so cute right! damn these china people are creative! mostly the elderly will prefer using electronic one, easier for them i think.

    1. hallo Huai Bin!

      hehe tenkiu for the compliments!
      i see you travel quite often too, with your loved one(s)! i actually love Shanghai for their architecture, convenience and food. not the people though 🙁

    1. hallo Choi Yen!

      早餐都是在巴刹买的,尝到一些很到地 很特别的食物。比如说桂花糖莲,尽然是甜品!
      我总觉得他们很厉害,很会改装!很changgih! 嘻嘻

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