{Shanghai} Lunchy @ Grandma’s Home 外婆家, IAPM Mall

October 20th, 2013 [Friday]

Day 3 of #AntzAdventure in Shanghai started with shopping along HuaiHai Road (淮海中路). first we went to Shanghai Lady Fashion Department Store cos yeah i went with two matured ladies, so Chai Gege figured out they might be interested to have a look. your mother would keen if she’s looking for some well-executed skirt suits, matchy blouse and skirts kind. Keikei and i, the young lady duo were more eager to shop at other departmental stores down the street.

and then we popped in 上海全国土特产食品商场 to buy some local food stuffs as souvenirs. oh i bought a packet of China cigarette for daddy, not that i advocate smoking la, just wanna let daddy try something different. he said it’s too mild :/.

we spotted a looong queue at Guang Min Cun Restaurant 光明邨大酒家 while strolling (the weather was breezy and cool #AnnlovesAutumn). apparently the queue is perpetually loooong. people is actually after their 鲜肉月饼, some mooncake stuffed with pork, i think. we have more important thing to do than queuing please. like shopping at C&A and H&M. LOL.

after that we had lunchy at Grandma’s Home 外婆家 which located at LG2 floor of IAPM Mall. to be honest, i have forgotten the dishes’ taste now. but but, it’s our favourite restaurant throughout our 7 days in Shanghai. Chai Gege’s family patronizes here frequently too! Grandma’s Home doesn’t have extravagant decor, not it has over-the-top food presentation, it’s the homely food that captivated all of us.

and i’ll let the foodie pictures do the talking.

some cucumber juice. berry refreshing.

Grandma’s Home‘s menu is quite extensive. usually Chai Gege would refer to DianPing and order a few dishes that’s recommended by others. most of the time, it works. it seems that China people are quite earnest with their opinions huh.

also through DianPing only i know that, Grandma’s Home has many branches throughout China, and in Shanghai itself, there’s 10! and also, this outlet located at IAPM Mall is apparently a premium Grandma’s Home cos it’s 金牌外婆家 chewah. so the dishes vary from other branches. people also commented that the portion here is smaller and pricier. this is the only Grandma’s Home i went to, and five of us find the portion just right. i’m not the one paying so who cares the price LOL *blows nails*

Sauteed Pork Neck with Green Pepper 杭椒猪颈肉 | 39 RMB (recommended)

my first encounter with pork neck. it’s juicy and rather tender. don’t be intimated with the copious amount of chilli, it’s not that spicy 😉

the dishes here are mainly inspired from Hangzhou cuisine i think.

Grandma’s Cauliflower 外婆花菜 | 22 RMB (recommended)

other branches would specifically stated it’s organic. but here, i think it’s just ordinary cauliflower. crunchy and flavourful.

Grandma’s Chicken 外婆神仙鸡 | 78 RMB (highly recommended)

it’s a pot of stewed pork leg and chicken combo. the flesh is succulent. our favourite dish. the chicken didn’t seem too pleased though.

Sauteed Green Bean with Onion 干煸四季豆 | RMB 18 (recommended)

Sauteed Vermicelli 干捞粉丝 | RMB 28 (recommended)

i actually would enjoy this dish more if there’s no smelly grass (or what you call parsley or scallion). i love tang hoon 冬粉!

Grandma’s Sesame Pancake 外婆烧饼 | RMB 16

Grandma’s Scallion Pancake 葱油泡泡饼 | RMB 22

we tried these two from the dim sum section. i prefer the latter. it’s so crisp even though it’s cooled.

told you, the dishes look like how everyone’s grandma can easily whip up of, if your grandma cooks la. and it’s also the tastes that we reminisce. my grandma has’t held a wok ever since she’s attacked by stupid Alzheimer. i miss her yong tao foo :(.

anyway, i would definitely revisit Grandma’s Home again if i travel to Shanghai again! i’ll try the humble version of Grandma’s Home which i heard have to queue for at least one hour! holy!

btw, it’s MARCH already? WHAT?!


Grandma’s Home 外婆家
IAPM Mall B/2, 999 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Shanxi Nan


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