{Segamat} Vermillion Cafe @ Pusat Komersial Sri Utama

December 24th, 2013 [Tuesday]

when we were eating roti canai at this Chinese uncle stall, i asked Jonah, “what else is nice here ar?” because apparently roti canai wasn’t suffice la! we were famished roooar! and we didn’t come all the way here just to have roti canai please.

and he suggested yong tao fu! i was like oookay, while listing what ingredient i’m gonna take in my mental note(book). brinjal, tofu, lady finger, fish cake, bean curd skin and fish ball! okay that’s enough.

when we were taking turn into Pusat Komersial Sri Utama, a new business centre in Segamat, Jonah directed us towards this cafe..

i was like, wah this yong tau fu place’s got canggih name. Vermillion (stands for a bright red pigment derived from mercury sulphide). the word cafe was too small to be seen from afar. i thought we were going to a eatery specializes in yong tao fu only, like this one i went in KL! =.=

turned out that this cafe offers wide variety of food, a lil’ bit of everything. we left the ordering to Jonah since it’s his forte. this’s his mami’s favourite cafe.

Yong Tofu with gravy | RM 4.90

when Jonah mentioned yong tao fu 酿豆腐, he really did mean yong to fu ONLY. =.= no have brinjal, tofu, lady finger, fish cake, bean curd skin and fish ball or any other stuffed ingredients one.

this fish paste-stuffed beancurd was unlike what we are familiar of, the paste texture wasn’t springy at all, it’s like.. the curry fish balls i had in Hong Kong, pretty one dimensional (which i felt cheated because all this while i thought it must is as springy as a spring wtf).

but i do like it here. the stuffed-tofu is braised in the flavourful broth so it adsorbs all the goodness. definitely one of the must-order here.

Three Layered Tea | RM 3.50

Jonah started ordering first, and i looked at the menu for the longest time, ended up all three of us had the same drink haha. mine was kurang manis version though. it’s an instinct thing to do la whenever i order beverage.

it’s as good as i remembered it to be!

Curry Fried Spaghetti | RM 7.90

al-dente spaghetti fried with curry, a western meets Malaysian kinda dish. who say spaghetti must complement with red/white sauce one! every strand is coated evenly with curry awesomeness. and best of all, it’s not oily!

i do think they would have thrown in some seafood instead of just fish cake and fish ball.

Cheese Omelette | RM 4.50

Cheese Omelette was mediocre though. egg was airy but the amount of cheese was almost non-existent.

Roti Jala & Chicken Curry | RM 5.90

roti jala itself is a disappointment, it’s too soggy for our liking. but, the chicken curry was applaudable!  all three of us enjoyed the robust, flavourful gravy with few cubes of chicken pieces. it’s akin to Indian curry, pretty authentic stuff. the only cringe here was the floppy roti 🙁

-photo removed-

*update 20140109: my friend looked too chubby here and requested me to take down the photo. first time ever people telling me to delete something on the blog. and i did it because the photo was taken with his phone. 

meet Jonah! my only acquaintance in Segamat! thanks for stealing some time off work and showed us around!

if you didn’t know, Segamat is a small town located at north of Johor state. it’s merely an hour away from Malacca and there’s cinema, karaoke and snooker centre LOL. at least got some entertainment, not so deadly bored town after all XD

of course there’s more food in Segamat which we didn’t have the time to explore. Jonah also recommended a Hainan kopi place but since we just had coffee, we skipped that. would definitely come back again for food hunting! oh BTW, if you’re in the vicinity, you might wanna try Vivo Pizza,  a pizza franchise from America! just across the street only!

okay, with that we ended our berry short stopover at Segamat with a lil’ baggage *rubs tummy* and headed to the next destination… 😉


Vermillion Cafe

No.13, Jalan Utama 3/2,
Pusat Komersial Sri Utama,
Segamat 85000 Johor.
+607 9318663
opens daily: 0900 – 2300


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    1. hallo Melissa the preggo XD

      i also like mine with palm sugar, kurang manis sikit version though 😛
      the roti jala is actually really damp and soggy 🙁 but the dipping sauce is yum! made it up! 😀

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