{Segamat} Chinese Uncle Roti Canai @ Kampung Tengah

December 24th, 2013 [Tuesday}

i went on a road trip to Johor on Christmas Eve with my bffwb, KK. so far i have only been to Muar (my second home now =.=) and Batu Pahat. this time we explored some other part of Johor which we have never stepped foot on, or rather me.

a sneak peak at where we went! squint your eyes to see la 😛

first stop was Segamat! and my friend, Jonah was kind enough to show us around. he brought us to this roti canai place which he claimed is the most famous brekkie place in this small town.


it was packed to the brim at 8ish am on a gloomy weekday! i guess i’m the lucky star la, managed to seize a table upon arrival ehehehehehe.

and what’s so special about this roti canai? it’s manned by a Chinese uncle! i bet you have eaten Malay’s, Indian’s, Mamak’s, what about Chinese? *smirks*

uncle flips the dough 有模有样ly.

besides roti canai, there’s roti bakar, fried egg, sandwich and mee goreng.

almost every table ordered at least a plate of mee goreng. but some blogger mentioned that the mee goreng has nothing to shout about, so we skipped that, save the calorie quota for more food later 😛


the boys guys had Kopi.

a simple cuppa coffee to unwind the morning.

the stall is located opposite of this Tadika Kampung Tengah, just in case you need direction. i tried my best >.<

we waited quite some time for our rotis. it’s okay as we got to catch up while waiting.

Roti Telur with Bawang

you can choose to have bawang (onion) or not. all roti served was pre-slice.

sorry ar the photos look warmer than usual, i screwed up the white balance setting that day!

Roti Sardin


i almost never have Roti Kosong. just plain dough and oil and nothing else. boring (Roti Planta is exempted though). so i always order Roti Sardin. for this, you can have your Roti Sardin with egg/onion/chili. mine had only sardin and egg. never likey raw onion.

so was this Chinese Uncle Roti Canai worth the wait?


the roti was crisp on the outside and the filling was soft and sooo fluffy. not soggy and compact like how other stalls used to serve! of course the yumminess comes with a price, the oiliness.

but, where got roti canai not oily one?

and of course good roti canai must accompany with a good kuah (dipping sauce)! it’s robust with curry and spices, slightly thicker in texture. berry additive stuff!

that’s Jonah’s hands, helping himself with two pieces of Roti Canai. it’s one of his favourite brekkie place! 😉 no wonder he’s chubbier now LOL :O


Segamat Chinese Uncle Roti Canai
opposite of Tadika Kampung Tengah
Kampung Tengah, Segamat,
85000 Johor.
i guess it opens at 7ish till finish. be there early though.


16 thoughts on “{Segamat} Chinese Uncle Roti Canai @ Kampung Tengah

  1. Why is Muar your second home now?
    Nice sketches on your notebook 😉
    Wahhh…Chinese uncles doing roti canai and so good business summore!
    The curry looks nice too 😉

    1. hallo Melissa!

      because i go Muar so often now =.= it’s only 30 mins away!
      my sketches nice?! i drew like a kiddo le, i think worse than kiddo >.< yalo this Chinese uncle might be the most famous uncle in Segamat LOL! next time go can try 😉

    1. hallo Huai Bin!

      exactly! that’s why he’s femes! haha. but the roti canai is really good! i like that it’s light and fluffy! 😀

      i just started this journal thing lately. so far i’m liking it.. and i have been spending more on stationery lately >.<

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