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{Sabah} Mataking Island, Semporna – Part 1

one of happiest moment of my life was the 10 weeks during my industrial training at Sandakan, Sabah. Kikilala and KimHock was the companions i had. and we were so lucky our bossie was too awesome i don’t even. thanks to him we get to explore most part of Sabah namely Kota Kinabalu, Lahad Datu, Tawau and Semporna! with him being the chauffeur LOL! we even went for a beach getaway together when our training ended!

pictures were taken on 14-15th June 2009 (OH GOSH THREE WHOOPING YEARSSS AGO)! so there might be some changes since then!

YESH Mataking Island the final vacation, before bossie and us parted!

we boarded a boat from Semporna, which is inclusive in the package. at RM 360 per head, you’ll get a room for a night (shared between 2 person or among three), all meals included plus return boat ride (Semporna – Mataking Island). i guess it’s will be more than RM 400 now?

Mabul and Sipadan Island are the two islands more widely known at Semporna, but we chose Mataking the less traveled cos 1. the latter island is less commercialized 2. it’s cheaper (economic is always student’s best friend) 3. we don’t dive (Sipadan’s diver’s heaven!).

these wooden houses are real ones where people actually live in there. you’ll get to see many of these around Sabah.

notice how the sea water changed.

from turquoise

to this dark blue shade

and then baby blue!!!

see our country has got maldive’s material sea too. 😀

The Reef Dive Resort is the ONE & ONLY resort at Mataking Island.

Kikilala & i shared a room while Bossie & KimHock’s next door.

we were put up at Premier Delux.

every corner is picturesque here. <3

i’ll just let the pictures do the talking…

the background was too gorgeous how could i not camwhore right?

after having our tea break (included), we strolled along the beach.

climbed up watchtower.

mini Mataking Island



of course if you have diving license, GO DIVE!

i was so tempted to pick up diving…but wallet didn’t allow 🙁

there’s limited permit to Sipadan Island daily. so gotta make early reservation!

we did snorkelling  for a while at nearby…but if you have a bunch of you, you may rent a boat to snorkel somewhere middle of the sea. undersea is definitely more fascinating out there!

that’s KimHock and his peace signs and tits. wtf

we then walked to the mini Mataking. it’s low tide in the evening that’s why we could walk over. this trail was submerged the next morning due to high tide.

relaxed and felt the (salty) breeze caressing our faces.

rest & relax, that’s the purpose of this trip anyway. and rested and relaxed we did!




we had the leisure to sit by the beach and enjoy sunset, something we hadn’t do in a long while…


that’s the day, what to  do at night? stay tune!


24 thoughts on “{Sabah} Mataking Island, Semporna – Part 1

  1. OMG that’s so fun! I love Sabah! The islands there are amazing, there’s also Mt. Kinabalu, rapids, and then chilling by the beach – that’s what I did first time.

    I’m missing it already from your photos. 🙂

    1. One of the thing we regret not doing is, climb Mt Kinabalu :((( oh and pick up diving :(((

      Cos our wallet didn’t allow then. Spent too muchy on traveling around Sabah jor. Nevermind will surely to visit Sabah again geh!

    1. what else to do?

      relax by the beach, snorkelling middle of the sea, kap guai lou (ogles at ang mo), watch sun set(!)…basically just reduce your pace, sit back and relax and enjoy life! 😀

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