Revisiting Armenian Street with Bikes!

gleeful kiddos on bike featuring many cyclist wtf @ Armenian Street
read more about Ernest Zacharevic's murals here.

cycling with a bunch was so muchy fun! i am Malacca, but i am so active promoting Penang’s tourism wtf.

someone asked me today, “between Malacca and Penang, who win ar”, since both are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. to be honest, i thought Penang somehow won, in term of facility and infrastructure. or maybe because i explore Penang more often than in Malacca, hence the bias review!

but seriously, if you’re a Malaccan, would you really go do touristy stuff in the city? yeah, when you have outstation or oversea friends in town, right RIGHT?


9 thoughts on “Revisiting Armenian Street with Bikes!

    1. i just hate that malaccan is now so jam during weekend. i would totally avoid the town area like it’s a plague zone :/

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