starting this month, we students who are funded under GA (graduate assistant) are required to punch card as we come in and fong gong. i think they wanted us to adhere to normal office hour which is 8 am – 5 pm.

so far, it’s all red. i am still trying…

but i must add that, sometimes i do OT, just that this stupid machine is in the office, and office closes at 5 pm (sharp), so have to punch before they close it! and red indicates that it’s bad, either you came in late, or fong gong ealier, while black means you’re a good student! wtf


5 thoughts on “Punch

    1. cos they sked people breaking into the office ma. so have to lock. that’s why lo no proof that i actually ot. grrrrr

    1. ya late since the first day seimou. what to do, bed too inviting tsk 😛

      reach on time and ciao on time too! haha that’s what my boyf does! but he always kena ot one =.=

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