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Pretty In Yellow

November 24th, 2012.

Pretty In Yellow

i mentioned i was at Ipoh for a friend’s wedding. that’s the gorgeous bride, Cele.

Pretty In Yellow

her and the jimuis. donned in yellow dress because apparently the bride MAD LOVES yellow.

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polaroid films to immortalise the moments.

Pretty In Yellow

to give you a better idea how yellow & festive we were!

Pretty In Yellow

i look really gleeful in this XD

Pretty In Yellow

Pretty In Yellow

officially married πŸ˜€

Pretty In Yellow

the newly-wed and the entourage. it’s my first time attending a church wedding. hmmm…honestly, it’s quite tiring to keep standing/sitting/kneeling :/. but i was glad to be part of of it! πŸ™‚

Pretty In Yellow

this photo serves the sole purpose of showcasing my heels which the soles has completely scarred πŸ™

yellow dress: MARRY MERRY

so i asked her today, three weeks after saying yesh I do.
“how’s married life (so far)?”
“i’m still not used to waking up with a man beside me. it’s weird.” she answered.

may you have a wonderful married life ahead, bitch. πŸ˜›


15 thoughts on “Pretty In Yellow

  1. What a pretty bride, and of course the bridesmaids.

    And yes, I think yellow is nice. To have some colors to spice up a wedding instead of all white πŸ™‚ Lovely!

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