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Pop Mie

you might recognize the word ‘mie’ from Indomie. and yeah this is another instant mie from the same manufacturer in Indonesia, Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur which is the LARGEST instant noodle manufacturer in the world!

the boyf and his mom just came back from Jakarta and Bandung respectively recently, and beside bringing back kek lapis and bajussss (clothingssss), they brought back some local snack! om nom nom nom. one of the many nom was this Pop Mie!

unlike the usual instant mee goreng, this comes in a cup form with a special lid! within, it’s the mee goreng-ed, chili oil & dark sauce, condiment powder, fried onions and a fork!

first you soak the mee with hot water for 3 minutes.

then you filter the water out! so nifty right the cover. excuse my suaguness, it’s my first time seeing something like this :/

after that you add in all the condiments! and kacao them with the fork provided. if you prefer some kuah (gravy), you might leave some water in it so that your mee won’t be too dry.

lastly, itadakimasu! 😀


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