{Penang} Fish Head Mee Hoon @ Village Coffee Shop, Weld Quay

June 15th, 2013 [Saturday]

if you follow me on Instagram (which you should! cos i update more often there! i’m @annant) you would have known that i went on a staycation at Eastern & Oriental Hotel! the check in time was 1500, so we went for lunchy before checking in.

we decided to stop by this Village Fish Head Mee Hoon, seeing that it has been in our to-makan list for a looong while but never bothered to drive all the way to Weld Quay for it. finally got to cross it out from the list!

it was a scorching hot noon, luckily we scored a table strategically placed in front of a cooler. the workers suggested us to sit next door, which is a more well-ventilated space, but cooler is obviously a smarter choice. we didn’t even sweat one bit throughout our makan session.

we sat there for a while, waiting for the workers to approach us with the menu. but were greeted with “you have to order at the front there one”.

okay so obviously we were first-timer there. cos i saw those who came in later indeed walked straight to the kitchen to order first before finding table :/

there’s three main dishes to choose, fish head mee hoon (you can opt not to have fish head), tom yum and porridge. guess what i had wtf

and some other ingredients for you to add on like fish/meat balls, enoki/button mushroom, surimi(s), innards (ewww) and..

fried fish or

fresh fish fillets!

fish head flesh mee hoon soup | RM 11

LeeChing ordered mee hoon soup and had fried and fresh fish fillets and pig kidney (ewww) as toppings.

fish head flesh mee hoon soup | RM 11

one thing that realllly bothers us is, why Penang’s fish head mee hoon is so muchy different from northern region’s??? i likey mine milky and served with preserved vegetables! 🙁 this was just another bowl of mee hoon drenched in clear broth! so misleading!

the broth was flavourful according to LeeChing, however not that best she ever had. price was slightly pricey. but they are not stingy with the ingredients. there’s about 7 pieces of fish fillet (2 fried + 5 fresh) and handful of innard.

Tom Yum Mee Hoon | RM 10


i only wanted fish fillets for my Tom Yum as we ordered one side dish to go with our mee hoons. look at the vibrant colour, you know it’s FIERY! the sour and spicy flavours were proportional to my liking. the fish fillets are berry fresh too!

but then again, it’s not the best. my favourite is still this small stall with Wang Thai comes close at second!

Deep-Fried Donnowhatfish | RM 8

saw all the other tables had a plate of fried thingy (i didn’t look too close sked later people think i pervert) on it, so i asked the cook, what’s that they having. she told it’s some fried fish. we decided to have a plate as well!

the fishes were fried to perfection, so so crispy that you can almost gobble down the whole thing except the back bone! but at the price of RM 2 per piece, it’s expensive lo as the fish is only merely slightly larger than half of my palm.

but i’ll come back for the tom yum, at night. eating tom yum at searing hot noon with no air-conditioner is a big no-no.

Village Coffee shop (乡下鱼头米粉

107A, Pengkalan weld,
10300 Penang.
+6019 4588693 (Mr Teh)
opens daily: 1200 – 2330 (closed on 1st & 15th Day of Chinese Lunar Calendar)


21 thoughts on “{Penang} Fish Head Mee Hoon @ Village Coffee Shop, Weld Quay

  1. The fried fish look crispy!
    The fish head noodle doesn’t resemble fish head noodle here o…
    I knew you r gonna choose Tom Yam! HAHAHA!! The soup look so nice lor….yummy

    1. it’s manyak crispy! 😀 me likey! it’d be better if the backbone can be goggled down as well 😀

      yalo.. i prefer KL’s! creamily milky one <3

      hehe i couldn't resist tom yum! i MUST order it if it's on the menu! i like that it's fiery and sourish! 😀

  2. Hmm, I actually like their clear soup mihoon very much, and so a few of my friends. Well, I guess everyone’s taste is different. I frequent this place, and I like the deep fried fishie fishie too. But I agree, pricey~

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