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{Penang} Sushi Tei @ Queensbay Mall

September 25th, 2013 [Wednesday]

Sushi Tei was one of the latest addition at Queensbay Mall! and lucky me i was invited to the food tasting session a day before it’s opened to the public!

photo credit to Queensbay Mall's Facebook Page

Sushi Tei, as its name suggests, is a Japanese Restaurant located at Queen Street, 3rd floor of Queensbay Mall. Sushi Tei is the forth Japanese restaurant in the mall, but there’s none Korean restaurant. Queensbay Mall Y U NO BRING KOREAN FOOD IN *insert meme emoticon*.

it’s my first time at Sushi Tei. i know they have an outlet at Gurney Plaza but it’s kinda out of the way for me :/.

its interior is contemporary with abundant of wood element, which can be seen in most of their furniture and decoration.

private room is also available if you would like to dine in a quieter and exclusive area. great for family dinner or meeting lunchy/dinner.

seating area is quite spacious.. however, if you’re coming in a big group, reservation is recommended.

chef is smiling at my camera 😀

you can also opt to sit at the bar, nearer to the conveyor belt. can easily grab sushi off it, and you get to see chefs in action!


glorious salmon!

everything on the menu looks so appealing and tempting, we ended up ordered A LOT which some i missed out their names and price, apology!

and even though this outlet is new, their operation flow was quite smooth. we didn’t have to wait long for our food to be served! i think they were well-trained, and instilled with the philosophy “hungry customer is angry people”! haha

Phoenix Roll | RM27.80

sushi rice rolled topped with avocado and unagi!

Shishamo | RM 10.80

Soft Shell Crab | RM 15.80

delightfully crunchy! but i learnt from Natelie how commercial soft shell crab is being cultivated i vowed not to take soft shell crab anymore, it’s cruel 🙁

Unagi Roll | RM 27.80

i like how the unagi is thick and juicy here.

Ika Sugata Teri | RM 15.80

Asari Miso Shiru | RM 21.80

clams broth.

Salmon Enoki Roll | RM 12.80

i prefer mine with bacon :P. smocky bacon and earthy enoki is the best combo, in my opinion.

Kirishima (18 pcs) | RM 28.80

assorted sushi.

Kani Avocado Salad | RM 14.80

crab sticks, avocado, greens topped with tobiko and served with sesame dressing!

it’s light and refreshing! which you can indulge in without feeling guilty and extra pounds around your waist later. and i like the difference in texture here, crunch veggie meets soft crab sticks and mushy avocado. one of my must-order at Sushi Tei!

sashimi platter

great for sashimi lover! slices of assorted sashimi such as salmon, salmon belly, toro, tuna and butterfish!

Unagi Kabayaki | RM 29.80

unagi grilled to perfection, tender and juicy with sweet sauce.

Hamachi Wafuu Carpaccio

overall, the food is above par. of course with the price i’m paying i would have high expectation on the quality! we felt like having uni (sea urchin) that day but we were told that, “uni is not fresh today, we won’t serve it today”.

this is what i’m talking about, quality comes first! although quite disappointed.

my dining mates actually ordered more, but i had to leave earlier cos Kaima was in town (more food hunted, only if i have the time to blog about them)..


September 29th, 2013 [Sunday]

i was quite pleased with my previous dining experience at Sushi Tei. when we were done with Project DOLL (a styling competition that i joined), we came here for celebration cos one of my friend won! yay to free meal XD.

it was early dinner time, so no queue spotted. phew! we were seated immediately. took us awhile to decide on what to order..

Green Tea | RM 2 per cup

hot green tea, what i always order in Japanese Restaurant.

yum~~seng! see Natelie grinning ear to ear at the back, she’s the winner of Project DOLL! we also grinned ear to ear actually, cos got free makan! just that you can’t see our faces only 😛

Edamame | RM 4.80

a great snack while waiting for our food! we ordered a few dishes for sharing..

Inari Kani Mentai | RM 5.80

Una Tama Don | RM 26.80

big fat juicy unagi bento.

Salmon Wafuu Carpaccio | RM 12.80

i had the hamachi one the other day.. so this time we had salmon with some sweetish dressing.

Natelie & LeeChing!

Kirishima (18 pcs) | RM 28.80

not particular cheap, but sushi is a must at Sushi Tei

this one is like cucur udang, with many smelly grasses 🙁

Kakiage Soba | RM 17.80

warm noodle with savory broth. kinda bland but that’s what soba is.

Fried Garlic Rice | RM 10.80

fragrant garlic fried rice with slices of meat and egg. rice is fluffy and soft. simple yet delicious. however i thought it’s slightly damp for my liking, i prefer Azuma’s 😛

Butterfish (5 pcs) | RM 13.80

we needed our sashimi fix. their sashimi is kinda thick, compared to..Sakae and Sushi King.

we walked out rubbing our tummy with satisfying grin on our faces!

sorry if i scared you with my huge ass selfie. makeup was done professionally (by makeup artist), it’s rare that i have my eyebrows on, so excuse me.

it’s good to have friends joined the same competition, we had loads of fun together!

me and my fierce shirt. whole outfit from F21.

kinda busy these days. you treat yourself at home la har. i gotta continue on my work. kthztata.

thank you for reading!

thank you Penanglang & Sushi Tei for extending the invitation. xoxo.

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Sushi Tei
22A, 3rd Floor, Queensbay mall,
Persiaran Bayan Lepas,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.


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    1. hallo suituapui!

      huh, it’s that bad ar? i never likey Sushi King anyway. only visited when there’s RM 2 bonanza and i have never stepped in again since they increased it to RM 3 😛

  1. Hmmm… the clam broth you have looks much better than the ones (3 times to be precise) what I got when I ordered in KL. In fact what I got was a far cry from what it looks in the menu too. Guess they took the phrase “for illustration purposes a tad too far in KL. Tasted very good though even though I felt shortchanged.
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