{Penang} Sarawak Laksa @ Carpenter Street, Bayan Lepas

looks promising, but the first sip of the broth made us all frown. :(. it’s close to tasteless, can’t even get on par with what my Sarawakian homies made at home. disappointing.

now would you excuse me, i would like to convince homies to start selling tasty Sarawak laksa, so that i can have one everyday.

oh by the way, Carpenter Street is actually the shop’s name, not a street.

Carpenter Street

Carpenter Street

54 (Ground Floor), Jalan Mahsuri,
Bandar Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas
+604 6436588
opens daily at 1100 – 1500, 1730 – 2100


14 thoughts on “{Penang} Sarawak Laksa @ Carpenter Street, Bayan Lepas

  1. Have to come back to Sarawak to eat anything Sarawak… All over there are miserable attempts, people who cannot beat the competition here…go and bluff West Malaysians there. Hehehehehehehe!!!!
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    1. Carpenter Street i know i know! been to kuching before. but hor it’s during raya, so not muchy shop opened :S

      it looked like but tasted too bland :(((

  2. I went there before, their kolomee is not too bad (ok, not impressive either). For kolomee I still prefer the one at D’Piazza (can’t remember the name but the shop only sells Kolomee).

  3. I am a Sarawakian and I have been to the shop. It taste authentic. Are you really sure you tasted authentic Sarawak Laksa before? If not, please do not comment in open blog. You make a fool of yourself.

    1. Hallo Sarawakian!

      thank you for taking your time to comment firstly.

      i am no Sarawakian but i stayed in Sarawak for four years and i have travelled to Kuching, Sibu and Miri so i think i have eaten enough of AUTHENTIC Sarawak laksa to actually differentiate the good from the bad ones.

      and i have few Sarawakian friends who been to that shop and all of us found it’s just so-so. the broth is bland. i didn’t say it’s non-authentic btw, just tasteless. i know the owner is hailed from Sarawak, but the stall is managed by foreign workers. so the quality may vary from day to day.

      lastly, all of us are born with different taste buds, hence, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

      have a great day ahead ya 🙂

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