{Penang} Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta, Gurney Plaza

March 22nd, 2013 [Friday]

i am pretty conscious of what i feed myself since young, thanks to my fussy mami. whenever i order a glass of fruit juice while eating out, it’s always has to be ‘no sugar ar!’

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

now i don’t have to do that at Frutta!

Frutta, located strategically at sixth floor of Gurney Plaza (just beneath GSC), advocates REAL fruit juice & smoothies, using fresh fruits with NO added sugar, NO artificial colourings and NO preservatives.

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

this cute birdie mascot is orchard bird (or scientifically known as Lcterus spurius) which their diet usually consist of flowers, nectar, seeds and fruit. they do feed on insects and spiders too during breeding season. hence making them an omnivore.

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

some of the fruits used in their beverages are displayed vibrantly on the wall!

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

some of their best-sellers you don’t wanna miss out.

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

Frutta offers wide variety of beautiful refreshing fruit juices and smoothies. some of them even enhance health benefits like Cleanser & Energizer which boosts organs functionality, Skin & Beauty which improves complexion and Vitamin Delight which is packed with vitamins wtf.

smoothies are made of low-fat yogurt which are laden with beneficial probiotic!

Frutta assures you it’s gonna be a guilt-free cum healthy indulgence Winking smile

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta
Tropical Aloha | RM 8.90

Tropical Aloha is an anti-ageing concoction which comprises mango, orange, apple, pineapple, and guava. i would say orange dominates the whole flavour. i could still taste subtle hint of apple, pineapple and guava. the rather insignificance of mango flavour was due to the lack of juice from mango fruit. they only use real fruit, remember?

the juice was nonetheless refreshing with just right sweetness and totally tangy! it would be a perfect thirst quencher for scorching weather like now!

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta
Perfect White | RM 7.90

as its name suggest, Perfect White consists of white fruits namely pear and lychee! pear is claimed to be an anti-ageing fruit while lychee is one of the top 10 best food for your complexion!

i did wake up with a supple complexion the next day, no joke.

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

i know the brains behind Frutta personally, so they were nice enough to give us complimentary sorbets which are made in-house!

of all four flavours (lychee, orange, mango and original) available, six of us actually collectively preferred the original one as it retains the original milky flavour of the yogurt. mango being ranked the best-seller however had the most subtle flavour of all.

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

the sorbet is priced at only RM 1 for the first scoop when you get any drink.

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

remember to ask them to stamp on whenever you purchase a beverage! you’re entitled to a free sorbet with 5 stamps and you’ll get a fruit smoothies with 10 stamps! three more stamps for me to get a sorbet!

Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta

mai high school girl friends who are based in Penang with their other half!  from left, CY & SR, HK, moi, SF & B!

it’s our last time hanging out together as SR is going to Japan for Phd and her boyfie, CY will be moving back to Kuching by the end of this year. and HK might be moving back to Malacca if her transfer got approved (she’s a teacher!). and hopefully i’ll be done with my Master by this year end. SF was wailing how we gonna leave her soon, “please, you have your other half here, we don’t okie!” and that shut her up.


170-06-15, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney
10250 George Town, Malaysia
+6012 8301215
facebook page
opens daily: 1000 – 2230


14 thoughts on “{Penang} Real Fruit Juice @ Frutta, Gurney Plaza

    1. yalo! it’s diabetic fruit juice 😛

      fruit itself is already sweet enough. but some shops are kiamsiap with the fruit la, using one tiny piece to give the colour and faint taste only 🙁

    1. i don’t take coffee too! used to drink a lot during undergraduate time. but i have managed to cut clean now! 😀 don’t have to rely on caffeine to stay alert. i drink yong mei shu though 😀

      yup usually fruit juice is expensive cos fruits don’t come cheap these days 🙁

      but once in awhile i’ll buy a bag of oranges back and make myself a glass of orange juice every morning before heading to lab!

    1. 槟城前几个星期也热到爆!就连晚上睡觉也会流汗!白天都窝在冷气房里,要不然会蒸发掉 :/

      最近还好转凉了 😀

  1. You can even tell from the bird logo that it is an orchard bird! LOL! That’s guy with 70’s look, is he the brain behind Frutta?

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