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{Penang} Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

January 9th, 2013 [Wednesday]

after lunchy at Wong Kok, we adjourned to Meet Fresh which’s located right below.

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

Meet Fresh is a dessert chain specialises in traditional Taiwanese desserts. it has two outlets in Penang, one at Gurney Plaza and the other one is at Gurney Paragon. Meet Fresh vows to serve their customers the best and healthiest desserts.

Meet Fresh’s name came about because we want our customers to ‘meet’ the ‘fresh’ and healthy desserts we have to offer which are made all natural and fresh ingredients and prepared with love and care.

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

the two cartoon figure on the signboard are Mr and Mrs Fu, siblings who’s the brains behind Meet Fresh. desserts shown here are the bestsellers.

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

it’s a great hangout place where you chit chat / gossiping over bowls of desserts.

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon
Meet Fresh Signature Herb Jelly (Hot) | RM 6.90

it’s a hot dessert with herb jelly being the base and taro balls, honey bean, pearl and peanut hidden beneath.

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon
Meet Fresh Signature Herb Jelly (Cold) | RM 6.90

this is the cold version of the dessert above. the only different is, the taro balls are studded atop and drizzled with cream.

i prefer cold version over the hot one. correction, i like the cold herb jelly more.

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon
Q Mochi | RM 8.90

original vs brown sugar mochi served with desiccated coconut

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

both are equally chewy but black sugar’s more fragrant!

Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon
Little taro Balls in White Gourd Tea with Cream | RM 5.90

i love the size of mini taro balls, so addictive i keep digging them out instead of sipping. the size is similar to those pearls. but it’s in purple and orange instead of boring black :P. this would be my favourite only if they use fluffy whipped cream!


Meet Fresh is also having a promotion on Groupon where you’ll get THREE desserts at only RM 14 instead of RM 21.70! go grab it now!

Meet Fresh

Gurney Paragon
Lot 163D-1-04, Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
Monday – Thursday, Sunday: 1100 – 2300
Friday & Saturday: 1100 – 0000

Gurney Plaza
Lot 170-03-59A & 60 Plaza Gurney,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
daily: 1000 – 2200

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19 thoughts on “{Penang} Meet Fresh @ Gurney Paragon

  1. Aiseh…groupon promo only valid for Penang. 🙁
    Meet Fresh newly open in Seremban oso. They got serve Taiwan snack food oso.
    Little taro Balls in White Gourd Tea with Cream looks nice le…I want try…

  2. i likey mini taro balls, not as chewy as huge ones but is addictive!

    cos Meet Fresh and Wong Kok under same bossie here ma…that’s why only valid in Penang.

    seremban not bad ar, malacca takde pun :/

  3. I wanna ask before that I gt bought the groupon voucher and I was oversea, so happen that the voucher due date was at 29th March, so is it still valid for me to use it by this week?

    1. hallo Charlie!

      hmmm i’m not too sure about this, perhaps you can contact Meet Fresh personally regarding this matter?

      you should have went before you went oversea…

      1. Yes. I do but I was oversea almost 4 month. I wish to contact them personally but I cant get their contact.

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