{Penang} Face 2 Face Noodles House @ Penang Times Square

March 22nd, 2013 [Friday]

had lunchy at Face 2 Face Noodle House when we were having a break from buku shppping at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. (yes, i am trying my best to clear the backlog, wish me luck :/)

it’s not my first time dining here, i remembered their pan mee was decent. so i was all good when Chuah suggested this place. and so coincidentally she parked her car opposite of the shop, so it’s 面对面 of 面对面 😀

sorry no facade photo because it’s one of those days that i have only 50mm lens with me. it’s impossible to shoot this two-storeys eatery without standing 492856472 miles away.

you spotted the ‘Sarawak’ word and wondering what so Sarawak about this pan mee? so did i..

turned out that the founder of Face 2 Face Noodle House was said to be the great grandchild of the founder of kolok mee. the great grandfather home made the noodles ala traditional manner, where the chef rides the bamboo log to knead the eggs, flour and other ingredient together. i think it’s all mechanized now.

in 2006, the founder decided to start a restaurant specializing in the local fare by combining this unique concept of making noodles, the traditional Sarawakian way, with Pan Mee.

he believes face to face contact is the most personally sincere and direct manner of communication, hence the name Face to Face Noodles House.

you get to choose how you like your pan mee to be, i am thin noodle girl, you? but i’ll prefer pinch if i am having it at home.

different spicy condiments to complement your noodle.

Soy Milk | RM 3

Hot Chrysanthemum Tea | RM 3.20

Hot Honey Lemon | RM 3.60

i have the tendency to order honey lemon whenever i eat out. i know i could have easily made that at home at muchy lower price, it’s usually the healthier and easiest option.

House Specialty Pan Mee (soup)

sorry i missed out the price list :/ i was dining with two new friends, so kinda paiseh to snap away :/

House Specialty Pan Mee (dry) | RM 7.30

chili flakes is totally optional. but i likey their chili flakes, fragrant and fiery.

my friends seemed to enjoy their pan mees, both dry and soup version. me on the other hand was craving for something else..

Sarawak Laksa!!!

the broth was thick and tasty. it’s pretty authentic if my memory serves me well. but the sambal it served with wasn’t belacan sambal, unlike what i had in Sarawak. i have a deep fondness for Sarawak Laksa, something you must know! evidence can be found here, here and here. 😀

i know that Kelly Siew has just set up her Supper Club at PlateCulture where you can finally get to eat her food at her dining room after drooling at her foodie photos for so loooong! you can either have Chinese dinner or Weekend Brunch or Western Dinner! and what attracts me the most is (other than her brunch menu), Sarawak Laksa is available upon request 😀 😀 😀 i’m so gonna book her when i can confirm when i’m going down to KL!!!


Face 2 Face Noodles House

77-g-7, Penang Times Square,
Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang.
+604 2262285
opens daily: 1130 – 2130

facebook page


15 thoughts on “{Penang} Face 2 Face Noodles House @ Penang Times Square

  1. Face to Face is a franchise eatery. I’ve tried once…the Sarawak kolok mee…not too bad la…
    I’ve not tried the Sarawak Laksa. Mayb can try it someday 😉

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