{Penang} Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle

August 12th, 2013 [Monday]

my bff with balls was in town recently! so me being a really good host brought him toured around George Town! parked the car at a hotel near Chulia Street and off we went wandering! yesh me, the idiot who’s clueless about direction! haha so yala we walked a lot of some 冤枉路 under the scorching sun =.=

The Mugshot @ Chulia Street

Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle

started the day with brunch @ The Mugshot!

last time they ran out of bagels, so i told myself that i will be back, so back i was! how do their bagels fare? i’ll do a proper post on it, another day.

i know i have been really slow on posting, that’s because i wanna focus more on my study. i have been slacking for too long and now it’s time to pick up and start to gayao! 😉

Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle  Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle

mandatory mugshots! yesh he’s really too fucking annoying, so annoying that i wanna give him two tight slaps all the time! and guess what, we weigh almost the same FML.

and then i saw this Steel Rod Sculpture @ Chulia Lane.

i have no idea the trishaw is there on purpose one or some paddler decided to just park there conveniently.

we didn’t go around and look for murals and steel rod sculptures, we just wandered around freestyle-ly, and if 有缘bump into one, we will stop by and snap. however, if you’re interested to find all the steel rod sculptures in George Town, i would suggest you hop on to this website, they compiled the whole collection and stated the location for each art! so nice of them!

The Camera Museum @ Muntri Street

Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle

and then we walked to The Camera Museum! i knew about it via the almighty Facebook, and being a passionate shutter bug, how can i give it a miss eh?

it’s quite disappointing as there’s not many thing to see inside. maybe because it is new, and upstairs is still under renovation. entrance is free though!

Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle

yeah that’s my full time job! but i need to have many other part-time jobs to sustain this full-time job lo =.=

this is another steel art sculpture at Donnowhat Street.

also saw this Mahjong place while were finding our way. is this legal? 😛 last time i heard that few men played mahjong openly and they were shaved botak :/

Minion Mural @ Soo Hong Lane

Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle

and then it’s minions mural, again knew about it from Facebook! it’s the last mural by Ernest Zacharevic before he left Malaysia! Penangite should thank him as his drawings boost the state’s tourism a lot.

and as i have mentioned it was searing hot that day, hence the ice tube!

here’s the breakdown of my outfit..

top | Adidas
skirt | Cotton On
shoes | Converse
sunglasses | Victoria’s Secret
watch | Casio
bag | Longchamp

Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle

the only photo of us!

thanks minion for covering half of me so i can cheat about my size here. disadvantage of having a GUY friend who’s even skinnier than you.

ChinaHouse @ Beach Street

we chanced upon ChinaHouse while wandering around and KK suggested we had a rest and a cold drink!

that’s my favourite beverage – Pineapple, Ginger & Lime! it’s really refreshing and i just slumped on the chair while KK went exploring around the looooong ChinaHouse.

both shots were taken by him.

“what you’re trying to snap? my nails ar?” i asked.

“nop, i was trying to snap your cleavage.”


how can i not swear at him all the time you say la.

Cat Arts @ Armenian Street

this cat art is part of the 101 Lost Kittens, a street art collaboration (to create awareness towards stray animals) by Thai artist, Natthapon Muangkliang, Malaysian artist, Louise Low and Tang Yeok Khang. as the name suggests, there’s altogether 101 of kittens scattered around George Town. Criz Lai, a cat lover himself did a compilation of all the cat arts, you might wanna check out his post here!

Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle

i just knew through Criz’s post that this 肥猫 has got a name, Skippy! my favourite peanut butter =.=

we actually wanted to go Moustache Houze first, manatau it’s closed. surf their Facebook page only knew that it only opens at 1630 =.= #failedtourguide

so we had about 1 hour plus to kill. i suggested us to another cafe, which is not far away.

Ete Cafe @ Lebuh Carnavon

look at my flushed cheeks! natural blusher and limp hair thanks to the humid hot weather!

and to our horror, Ete Cafe is not air-conditioned but there’s few fans ventilating in the room. we stayed on anyway, for a cool beverage and a dessert! i managed to snap around the cafe so yeah, i’ll save the details on another post 😛

last but not least, the forth and the last cafe we visited that day, just because we are free like that,

Moustache Houze @ Campbell Street

Explore Around George Town ala Freestyle


Moustache Houze is fairly new cafe in town! and it’s air-conditioned yay! by this time, we were exhausted and sweated like piggies. we have been on the road for more than 4 hours. and we haven’t really eaten anything solid. bagels were brunch and all we had throughout the day was glasses of cool beverage =.=

we had fun playing with the mustache though! remember to request it at the counter and return when you’re done taking picture! of course we didn’t leave the cafe without trying their drink and cake. will blog about the cafes in this post as soon as i finish editing the photos ya 🙂

we both went home famished and KK whipped up a pretty good carbonara for us! 😀 happy to have a friend in town visiting me! this was the most eventful day out of his 3 days here. we spent the other two days in Queensbay Mall (my second home) HAHAHAHAHA for movie, karaoke and window shopping! who else is coming to Penang, i can be your guide LOL! actually i wanted to bring him to try Hokkien Mee & Tom Yum that i wanna try out but this bugger can’t take spicy food =.= so yeah, not so fruitful trip for him, but it was to me, i got to explore more cafes hehe!

have a pleasant weekend, Anteaders!



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