{Penang} Durian @ Pesta Durian Balik Pulau

December 12th, 2012

durian season is coming to an end sooon so we faititly made a trip to Balik Pulau one fine afternoon (yesterday actually)!

we had Green Skin, D2, Red Prawn, & Kapili!

btw, D2 is this year’s runner up in durian competition! but we enjoyed Red Prawn the most. sweetish and a little bitter, just the way we likey.

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Sun is gradually setting. #sunset

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enjoying while overlooking sun returning to its home sweet home.

us posing in front of the stall *shy*


15 thoughts on “{Penang} Durian @ Pesta Durian Balik Pulau

    1. i have heard red prawn before, other than that nope. so it’s an eye opener to know more about durians haha!

      not cheap le, one biji of red prawn cost us 40 bucks! O.o

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