{Penang} Dinner @ ChinaHouse, Victoria Street & Beach Street

the first time i came across ChinaHouse was when Jun Seng brought us there during our cycling-around-George-Town time on the first day of year 2013! we parked our bikes in front of the cafe, and made ourselves at home, toured around ChinaHouse.

ChinaHouse is a traditional compound which makes up of three heritage buildings, linked by an open air courtyard and converted into 14 spaces comprising Food + Drink  (Kopi C. Espresso, Beach St. Bakery, BTB & Restaurant, Vine & Single, 14 Chairs, The Canteen & Bar, and Courtyard Cafe), Shopping (Reading Room, The Study, Bon Ton Shop II & III), and Art +Theatre (Art Space I & II, Artist’s Dorm, The Loft, and Upstairs)

ChinaHouse is a looooooong colonial shop lot that has two entrances at Victoria Street and Beach Street respectively. if you enter from Beach Street’s you’ll be instantly mesmerized by the lovely coffee aroma that lingers in the room, which we did. and i’m not even a coffee person. i fell in love with the vibe. hipster, unpretentious and rugged. didn’t stay on for makan because my friends wanted to try GohKaki Cafe which was fairly new in town then. but i made a mental note to self that i WILL be back.

June 15th, 2013 [Saturday]

and today i strikethrough ChinaHouse off my list as the birthday girl, SeakFen (虾粉) requested ChinaHouse! and us being the best bffs, granted her wish! ChinaHouse it was!

from the entrance (at Beach Street), the first compartment is Kopi C. Espresso which smells heavenly! and walk further in, it’s Beach St. Bakery where you’ll be greeted with

a table-ful of cakesss!

this’s what lured me to come back too, apart from the coffee aroma.

cupcakes also got!

and i found my nest! :O

which however doesn’t look quite good. my nest would be of modern and sophisticated structure.

we were ushered to be seated at Reading Room which was a smoking area. we didn’t made reservation that’s why. but luckily there’s only 1-2 smokers throughout that night!

decoration in Vine & Single.

beside Reading Room, it’s Vine & Single which is more to fine dining kinda style. i saw there’s wide array of wines available. we were this close to dine there as it’s full house at Reading Room! we were definitely no fine dining materials as pathetic portion couldn’t feed us well and prim and proper ain’t our th’ng! we are bubbly and LOUD! luckily few person left in time 😀

BTB & Restaurant on the other hand serves Asian & Middle Eastern cuisine while American and Mexican cuisine can be found at The Canteen & Bar.

since it’s our first time here, one of the berry accommodating and friendly male wait staff recommended us few dishes. and while waiting our food..

we were served sky juicy which was stored in a vintage bottle with plastic cork. i don’t think you can find this kinda bottles in the market now.

Crushed Mint & Lime Soda | RM 10; Pineapple, Ginger & Lime | RM 10; Pineapple Mint Tea | RM 10

my suggestion, just go straight with Pineapple, Giner & Lime next time. this pineapple juice was so refreshing with fade hint of sourness (lime) and spiciness (ginger). i didn’t know pineapple and ginger would work so well together!

however, if you’re a mint lover, you might prefer Crushed Mint & Lime Soda, because it’s berry minty (certainly not for me) and if you don’t quite like the idea of having ginger in your drink, Pineapple Mint Tea might be right for you. but it’s just tea with slight hint of pineapple, in our opinions la.

Grilled Prawn Salad | RM 38

the wait staff told us that the portion was good for sharing, so we ordered a salad and two main dishes to be shared among four of us as we wanted to save our stomach for desserts!

Grilled Prawn Salad | RM 38
Grilled Prawn Salad | RM 38

this salad had grilled prawns, cherry tomatoes, mango & avocado cubes, pistachio and drizzled with basil dressing.

one of the best salad i have ever had!

it’s everything what a salad should be, light and appetizing! i love how they have multiple texture on the plate, mushy soft (mango & avocado) interlaced with hard (pistachio) & crunchy (leafy vegetables). and the serving was generous! prawns were fresh as well.

the price was on the high side obviously, but they were pretty generous with the ingredients! just that we can’t really come here frequent. our wallets would wail in blood wtf.

Ginger Bud Pesto with Grilled Chicken Breast Spaghetti | RM 30

one of the main dish we had was chicken spaghetti tossed in spicy ginger bud pesto and topped with grilled chicken breast.

this dish was a mistake. biggest mistake of that night. my eyes skipped the word ‘bud’, i thought it’s spaghetti with ginger pesto =.=. to me, ginger bud is as smelly as parsley, basil, coriander, and chives (i know these smell heavenly to you, but it’s atrocious to me) :/ that’s why i rarely eat asam laksa.

all four of us thought that ginger bud was too overpowering, and my gfs are those who love smelly grasses. it’d be better if they tone down the ginger bud as i like the spiciness (my tolerant to spicy is high though) in this pasta.

however if you’re a ginger bud avid lover, you might wanna challenge this dish.

Ginger Bud Pesto with Grilled Chicken Breast Spaghetti | RM 30

and chicken breast was tender and not dry!

Chicken and Mushroom Pie | RM 30

chicken and mushroom pie served with mashed potato and mixed leaves.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie | RM 30

glad that this dish made it all up! the pie itself was crisp and airy! and the filling inside was creamily tasty, loads of mushroom and chicken chunks. mashed potato was good too! not berry smooth and creamy, but i like it this way. i couldn’t remember what’s the reddish sauce and how it tasted like though.

another main dish that the wait staff recommended was Chicken Schnitzel (RM34) which we didn’t order. you can try ordering that if you likey fried chicken chop!

Passion Fruit Coconut Butter Cake | RM 10

and then it’s dessert time! we had such a hard time choosing two cakes out of the many cakes on the table =.=

SeakFen & i chose this as we wanted something light and not cloyingly sweet. our Passion Fruit Coconut Butter Cake came toppled 🙁

it was buttery and had desiccated coconut all over it.. it’s not really soft, a little stiff for a cake. it was all good for the first few mouths and it gets more and more jelak after that as it’s cloyingly sweet =.=. even the sourish passion fruit couldn’t neutralize the sweetness

the other cake that we ordered however..

Italian Cream Cake | RM 12

was good! doesn’t looked appealing but it’s a better choice, by HuiKee & LeeChing! the cake frosted with cream cheese was airy and not overly sweet!

we entertained ourselves with Jinga, one of the few games available.

LeeChing | SeakFen | Moi | HuiKee

a group shot! SF & HK are my high school buddies while LeeChing is my lab buddy! it’s the first time LC joined us! and i hope she had a great time with us 😀

my girls <3

and some outfit shots 😀

yala shamelessly flaunt my 肉腰 (literally means meaty waist wtf).

the crop top was my first purchase EVER from Topshop and that’s the only thing i could afford :/

crop top: Topshop
high-low skirt: online
necklace: P&Co
watch: CASIO
sandals: Vern’s
bag: Japan


153 & 155 Beach Street
183B Victoria Street
George Town, Penang.


17 thoughts on “{Penang} Dinner @ ChinaHouse, Victoria Street & Beach Street

    1. the bill came up to RM 174 for four person, including service charge and gov tax!
      certainly not cheap! but we shared the food ma! and for bff’s birthday.. okay la..

  1. Yup, the ant nest certainly did not look like it was very well done. Why name China…when it does not serve Chinese cuisine? Everything looks pretty much the same as what one can have elsewhere. Cake? Wait till you have the choc lava cake here – you will not settle for any other after that!
    suituapui recently posted..Stay…My Profile

    1. actually i have never tried a real ant nest before, so i donno whether it’s supposed to look boring liddat :/

      haha it’s just a name, China House, to make it sounds more local? i think it’s manned by angmoh le..

      lava cake from the noodle house?

  2. Nice cafe…not really cheap but look quite crowded oso. Lifestyle has changed. :-p
    Yalor…ur Ant Nest black black wan…. ehehhhe
    BTW..I like the last photo of u..ur OOTD 😉

    1. yala this cafe memang not cheap one, that’s why have to wait got celebration then can come :/ once in a loooong while, so okay la, wallet still can accommodate 😀

      so boring looking right the ant’s nest! *yaaaawn*

      hehe i look so demure eh in that photo! look can be deceiving oh well 😀

  3. Oh I love their grilled prawn salad! China House used to be one of my fav places until they became so feh-mes and crowded. I don deal with crowd in narrow spaces well so I haven’t been visiting them for a while. The last time was an early brunch, when the crowd is still manageable,

    1. yay *high five*

      i love the food and vibe and all, but can’t visit often le cos the pricing is steep :/
      do the food quality still maintained after femes ar?

      this China House is manned by angmoh? saw one giving out orders to wait staffs!

      i once went in at noon, wah the whole room smelt coffee, heaven! 😀

  4. The food certainly looks good but I have to think twice before coming here due to the price. Hahaha I’m quite stingy you see. LOL

    Would love to try the ginger bud pasta. Coz I’m a smelly grass girl. Hehe

    The outfit looks good on you.
    Che-Cheh recently posted..Chester on Canine CaviarMy Profile

    1. LOL! i’m equally stingy too *high 5* but for a gf’s birthday celebration, okay la

      yer… smelly grass ewwww 🙁 if we ever eat together i’ll shove all the smelly grasses to you 😉

      hehe thanks Che-Cheh! it’s my first Topshop top (and the last i think cos sooo expensive la everything :()! 😀

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