{Penang} Desserts @ Mon Delice Pattiserie, Nagore Road

December 11th, 2013 [Wednesday]

tucked away at a less bustling road in Georgetown (during the day) is this almost unnoticeable pastry shop, Mon Delice Pattiserie, a little quaint cafe-alike. i wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t Ken. well i never notice anything, ignorant like that.

Mon Delice Pattiserie was minimally decorated, furnished with white furniture and a dessertful of display which i think is the main feature in any cake/pastry shop. i was mesmerized right away!  although the variety isn’t that vast, a tough job still, to select only two items when all of them look so delectable! each of us pick our love-at-first-sight and while waiting for them to be served, we did our thang, *whip out our guns* and start snapping away 😛

Mango Charlotte| RM 9.50

a thin genoise sponge sandwiched between vanilla cream mousse with mango gelée and mango mousse, topped with fresh mango cubes with vanilla infused passion fruit coulis. i LOVE everything about it. the base was creamily smooth texture, not cloyingly sweet with a slight hint of sourness. and the mango cubes, were sweet and juicy!

Tiramisu | RM 9.50

heaven in a jar. Tiramisu was moist, rather heavily infused with coffee and liquor. however finishing it alone requires a little effort. it’s great nonetheless.

both of our one-night-stand cakes turned out pretty good! Mon Delice Pattiserie accepts cake orders for special occasion and they do croquembouche too! never seen it else where. basically it’s  many ball pastry shaped into cone, like a Christmas tree, as shown below!

Mon Delice Pattiserie

81, Nagore Road,
10050, Georgetown, Penang.
+604 2264394
Facebook Page

business hours:
1100 – 1930
closed on Monday.


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