{Penang} Coconut Jelly @ Joez Coconut, Dato Keramat Road

March 22nd, 2013 [Friday]

C spotted a coconut jelly banner while we were on our way home, after we were done with the book-shopping! she insisted we pull over to have a look. “it’s now or never”, she said sternly.

we actually stumbled upon that road by chance. she tried to locate it for a few times before this but to no avail. i must be her lucky star that day hehe

additional info: our sense of direction are hopeless wtf! that’s why i have never stated the direction to certain eatery before in my bloggie! most of the time i am chauffeured, so all i can remember is “after few traffic lights and few turnings and voila we’re there” WTF

Coconut Jelly @ Joez Coconut

anyway, back to Joez Coconut.

cute lil’ sign showing you the direction of its shop.

Coconut Jelly @ Joez Coconut

we knew we were at the right way when we saw this banner! yes! too ecstatic as it’s just another stupid searing hot day!

Coconut Jelly @ Joez Coconut

cooling refreshing coconuts, come to mama 😀

Coconut Jelly @ Joez Coconut

he’s preparing coconut shake for the customer. i heard that the coconut shake was somehow too sweet. luckily we didn’t buy it!

Coconut Jelly @ Joez Coconut
Coconut Jelly | RM 3.80

i bought two coconut jellies because i know one was certainly not enough. i shared them with my homie too. well, good thing is meant to be shared 😉

Coconut Jelly @ Joez Coconut

i’m so used to springy jelly so i don’t quite like the texture. it’s mushy and wobbly. if you’re lucky to get a young coconut, you can scrap the flesh to eat together with the opaque soft jelly, like what i did with one. the other one was unfortunately an old folk, the flesh was thick and stubborn (too hard to scrap off).

coconut jelly is the best dessert to devour on unforgiving scorching hot days don’t chu agree! i could actually feel the coolness travels down my digestive tract!

oh do you know that the jelly is made in the coconut itself? unlike how we make our konnyaku jelly where we pour the mixture into moulds and let them chill and set. here at Joez Coconut, the coconut (outer husk removed) is first roasted in the oven and then chilled in cooler room. and that’s how the jelly formed from within! ingenius innit?

no addictive or artificial chemical is added so the coconut bought must be kept in refrigerator and is best to consume within 3 days.

for those in KL, they has got a branch at KL Sentral Retail Kiosk, in front of CIMB Bank!

Joez Coconut

201, Jalan Dato Kramat,
10150 Penang.
+604 229 6063
+6016 4409049


10 thoughts on “{Penang} Coconut Jelly @ Joez Coconut, Dato Keramat Road

    1. my friends whom i bought the coconut jelly together with also commented that the jelly was somewhat too mushy. i really like mine springy la, like ‘doi doi’ one!

  1. I like drinking coconut juice. This jelly would be very refreshing and cooling during a hot day. KL Sentral got? Hmm….if happens to b there…mayb I’ll try n c 😉

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