Penang Bridge

taken some time back with my trusty point & shoot!

Penang bridge does look magnificent eh. i was lucky to get this shot thanks to the sun light and cotton candy clouds as a nice backdrop!

i snapped a few shots the other day, too bad, they were all lack of lustre, no thanks to the haze. seems like haze is back again 🙁


12 thoughts on “Penang Bridge

  1. Hate it when it’s jammed. Such a hassle to cross to go to Sg Petani and to get back to the island. How’s the new bridge coming up? Hope not as slow as the airport. Sibu one started later…and now operational already. 100% completed by September. Nice, very very nice!
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    1. jam cos it’s busy hours? we smart people will prevent those hours one! hehe
      the new one still under construction!

      yaya, the sibu airport so nice now, class and elegant! a HUGE revamp from bus terminal LOL

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