{Penang} Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

March 22nd, 2013 [Friday]

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is finally here in Penang!

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

i was really excited as i haven’t been to one. i have heard about how people raved about the slumping low price of ALL the books there. i finally get what they meant by low. like real low. the highest i have seen is RM 25, including those encyclopaedia with hard cover, while the lowest can go to as low as RM 3. how to resist you tell me la.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

some even bring luggage to lug their loots. if you didn’t bring any, don’t worry. there’s tons of empty cartons at the entrance waiting for you.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

if you have filled up one carton, you can deposit it at this customer service. so that you can roam around easily to fill up another carton ;). we deposited ours here and headed out for lunchy to fuel up our energies for shopping.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

wide variety of books is available, namely photography, cookery, travel, politics, manga, romance, and art & craft! there’s something for everyone! i’m sure you won’t walk out empty-handed 😉

people swarms at romance and reference area. and also cookery! however, sports and science corner were quieter.

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

they’s even a children corner for little ones!

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

i spent most of my time at travel, photography and romance section. score myself some books! yay! now i just need to find a space as their new home. my cupboard is full to the brim it’s depressing.

anyway, i have uploaded some photos at my blog page, feel free to browse through here!

the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is located at ground floor, new wing of Penang Time Square, starting from today, 22nd – 31st March 2013 opens at 0900 – 2100!  happy shopping! 😀


14 thoughts on “{Penang} Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ Time Square

  1. I was there on the same day as you did..but I was the 5th customer of the day! The level of books there was nearly to my chest level… but reduced tremendously when I went back again on Monday evening.. down to waist level already! Plus I saw at least 5 jodi picoult titles on day1and a few dan brown ones too, but no more on Monday. In total, I’ve spent RM300++ for my kid and myself.

    1. oh so you’re another kiasu one who went on day 1 hehe 😛

      early birds always get to catch many tasty fat worms! 😉

      i spent my last RM 100 PR1M voucher there! reading is a good hobby. i wish my parents nurture that in me when i was young. they were too busy with work and popo took car of me. she can’t understand English so i missed out quite a lot of fun! now i read whenever i’m in the loo (ooopps too muchy info) and before bed! 🙂

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