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{Muar} POPChuco Art Gallery Cafe @ Jalan Othman

September 23rd, 2013 [Monday]

i went to Muar again when i was back home last weekend! my bff with balls (bffwb) had some errands to run in Muar and i shamelessly tagged myself along he invited me to go along!

our initial plan was to have brunch at this POPChuco cafe when we arrived but to our dismay it only opens at time 1600 🙁 so we tried our luck at this nice cafe along the same road which bffwb visited few weeks back. it’s closed on Monday. bloody hell. must be bffwb no shower that morning :P! so we resorted to Old Town White Coffee wtf. we did go back to this lovely cafe in the evening!

we were so glad that we came!

POPChuco Art Gallery Cafe is like a hidden gem among stones wtf. we almost missed it as i didn’t expect it to be a two-storey wooden house. when Waze told us that we have reached the destination we both were like WTF? where’s it? we had to park the car by road side and search for it on foot, fearing that we might miss it again. =.=

how could we even miss this huge singboard? i had no freaking idea.

there’s three dining areas altogether, alfresco, indoor at ground floor and upstairs. it’s an old wooden house where you have to climb the stairs outside of the house in order to gain access to the first floor. the upper level only opens after time 2000, we left earlier than that, so didn’t manage to have a look.

POPChuco Art Gallery Cafe is a creation by 7 youngsters. each of them experts in different fields (law, food technology, psychology, photography etc) but they share one interest, i.e. art. and they welcome art lovers to work with them, whether you’re an artist/photographer/composer.

pachuco means any young hispanic/Mexican-American males perceived (through similarity of garb, haircuts, etc.) to be members of a street gang (source). and that is what POPChuco is, nonchalant, rebellious, whatever with some pop elements.

there’s surprises at EVERY nook and cranny of the building, the wall, the lamp, the divider, the window, the fan, the eberythingyoucanthinkof are all skillfully quirkily decorated, handmade using recycled thingamajigs with aplenty creative juice, effort and love.

that explains why there’s about 50 photos in this post. i overshot. can’t blame me though. there’s so muchy that i wanna show you guys, but i suggest you all pay this cafe a visit if you’re happen to be in Muar since i can’t possibly take alllll of it. just the decor itself is worth the visit, trust me.

apparently, they are not that good at food art. food was unfortunately disappointing, not as interesting as their art creation. only ONE main dish every day, good thing is they rotate the main. they have wider choices for side dishes and beverages though.

and oh you are welcomed to bring your own food (which is a rare scene in restaurants/cafe) for birthday celebration/gathering/anyoccasion/evennooccasion, but you have to order the beverages on their menu.

okay so i’ll just let you enjoy the photos while i off to bed wtf.

click the read more if you wanna read more. kthztata.

bffwb is so proud with this shot. he thought it’s so artsy fartsy.

oh some of the shots here are taken by him, he’s got some talent in photography i must say!

we ordered a rice set meal and one side dish and a dessert for sharing.

i ordered Dragon Fruit Juice for myself while bffwb had Pop Why which comes together with the set meal, i remembered mine was really refreshing but i couldn’t recall the taste of Pop Why. but i do remember the POP drinks series have cute Chinese name like 随便,都可以, 一样,不懂叻,and 有什么. that’s 有什么 on the table, which literally means, got what?

Sweet & Sour Rice | RM 10.90

an ordinary 咕噜肉饭 with sides of fried egg with runny yolk and veggie.

Fried Mushroom | RM 4.80

battered abalone mushroom deep fried to crispy! nice snack to munch on on a lazy (late) noon!

we were intrigued by this dessert.

Ice Cream Potted | RM 5.90

vanilla ice cream on an Oreo cushion, topped with crumble Oreo soil and decorated with mint. Oreo lover will definitely love it. you can also choose chocolate ice cream if you’re a chocolatey person 😉

i personally prefer the cheesecake version though 😛

do chu likey my new swag. got it for less than RM 20 on Taobao. so muchy #win!


POPChuco Art Gallery Cafe

13, Jalan Othman, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia
business hours: 1600 – 2330 (closed on Wednesday)
Facebook page


20 thoughts on “{Muar} POPChuco Art Gallery Cafe @ Jalan Othman

    1. yeah, i mentioned that too, food was mediocre. but art lovers would definitely likey this place, there’s inspirations all over! 😀

      when i move back to Malacca, Penang is about 700km away from me too!

    1. yeah, i was surprised to come across such quirky cafe at this small town too!

      gonna explore more food scene at southern region jor as i’m moving back to Malacca soon T___________T

      yeah i love cheap shopping ehehehehehe

    1. hallo Cquek!!
      your previous comments all went to spam..i only managed to rescue this one :/

      yeah, i saw a group of youngster spent their Monday evening there..eating yummy food (outside food is allowed) and blabbering about anything everything…

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