{Movie Outfit} Leopard Print

i have always wanted to add some girlish component into AntzWorLd, because that’s the real me, i am a fashion junkie (my friends said one), i love to doll up as much as i love to eat and travel and snap. so i’ll start post some outfit shots from time to time to satiate my narcissism  bear with me ar. hehe.

watched Skyfall with homies yesterday after so many months of not stepping into cinema. gulp. review? it’s so Nikita la. everyone said Cold War is so muchy better! someone date me please…


here’s what i wore for movie last night!

Penang’s weather has been really unforgivably hot. i had to roll up the sleeves so that my arms could breathe. shorts’ my favourite bottom item for movie cos i bound to cross my legs up while watching. it’s more comfortable that way. it’s dark in there so i can sit however i want!

and i love prints especially leopard’s! ROOOOAR

paired it with a pink satchel so that the whole outfit doesn’t look too dull.

since my long top is already berry loud, minimal accessories needed. just a simple necklace and rings and i am good to go!

leopard long top: thrifted
denim shorts: pasar malam
white wedges: Charles & Keith
pink satchel: Xiawa Dressroom
playboy necklace: Bandung (souvenir from boyfie’s mom)
rings: F21 & Hong Kong


17 thoughts on “{Movie Outfit} Leopard Print

    1. haha where got! /blush

      i don’t mind the attention though *attention whore alert wtf

      i heard many said cold war nice! i still finding time to visit cinema le…

    1. roll up cos weather ain’t forgiving le…it’s slightly thick so i’ll only wear it to air-conditioned places! i don’t wanna drench in my own sweat…ewwww 😛

  1. Oh, the second pic ur legs look seductively long and nice (sorry, I hv slight obsession over beautiful legs lol).

    Yes, do more fashion posts… All gals love reading fashion posts I guess.

    I don’t have a single leopard print item in my wardrobe, believe it or not! Seriously, I am so super outdated, animal prints are like the biggest hit (that stays on forever!) recent years and I don’t have a. single. item. Bleah, nuff said. Fashionista I shall NEVER be 😛

    1. homie took that picture of me…she showed me after that and i was like “oh my god my legs look so nice and shiny” /shy. she gave me the O.o look saying, “wah where got people so narcissistic one” O.o

      yesh i am one 😛

      i enjoy playing doll up…but i’m paiseh to ask people take shots of me sometimes…but invest in a good tripod! hmmmm

      i have few leopard prints items in my wardrobe. my girlfriends say that they suit my personality. 狂野 /blush…but i can be demure at times…though not often la 😛

      one man’s meat might be another man’s poison le…not everyone can pull off everything…i hardly see myself in floral clothes…cos i look weird in them and appear matured 🙁

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