{Melaka} Lucky Famous Sdn Bhd 粿条仔

ask any Malaccan about 粿条仔, most likely they would know about this place. not me though. M brought me here after a looong day at work. good food never fail to cheers me up! good food unnecessarily equals to expensive meal, it can be delectable yet reasonably-priced. and i do think 粿条仔 is categorized in the latter.

i love my pangyaos, they are always introducing me to nice food! #imnotmalaccan

Lucky Famous 粿条安

similar to Teochew porridge, this Lucky Famous Sdn Bhd 粿条安 serves noodles (noodle, kueh tiow noodle & kueh teow kia) in both soupy and dry version with a myriad of side dishes comprising of poultry (pork, chicken, duck), seafood (fish & prawn), egg, tofu and veggies. oh they do have rice too, for those who are 饭桶?.

our favourites are homemade fried meat balls, braised tofu & egg, braised duck, innards (daddy’s fav), fried kampung fish served with spicy dipping sauce (addictive).

mami & daddy approved this 粿条仔, both are them are very fussy when it comes to food. they are more food critics than i am actually. mami loved that the service is quick, food is served within 5 – 10mins even though on full-house AND there’s comfortable air-conditioned seating . while daddy enjoyed all the pork innards that 粿条仔 offers.

this place is also famous among nocturnal people as the business hours is extended beyond midnight. i do love a warm meal after some alcohol, or 啦啦辣汤 would be great too. it warms my cool tummy after gulping down some beer.

Lucky Famous 粿条安

Lucky Famous 粿条安

that’s our staple order without daddy. some meat, egg, tofu and veggie. the bill came up to RM 28.50 including three bowls of soupy kueh tiow kia.

and this was with daddy! innard is a must-order whenever i brought daddy here. the spring chicken is crisp and moist!

Lucky Famous 粿条安

Lucky Famous 粿条安

Lucky Famous 粿条安

Lucky Famous Sdn Bhd

1,3, Jalan Melaka Raya 8, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
+606 284 0031
closed on Monday
5pm – 3am
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