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McDonald’s Despicable Me 2 Minion Collection!

July 4th, 2013 [Thursday]

have you collected yours?

each minion is priced at RM 3, you can buy it with any item on the menu (like sundae cone, apple pie), not necessarily happy meal! 🙂

seems like i’ll have to visit McDonald’s for the three following weeks..

who’s with me? 😀


15 thoughts on “McDonald’s Despicable Me 2 Minion Collection!

      1. Hi Christine, anyone here.

        I was hoping you still have McDo minions for swapping. I have extra Jerry Whistler (US/Australia exclusive) and Evil Minion Noisemaker. I hope I could exchange them with Stuart Light Up Grabber or Stuart Babbler Grabber. Let me know! Thanks 🙂

          1. hi constance ann 🙂 great, thanks! i see in your blog info that you are based in Melacca? i am based in KL. let me know how we do the exchange and how i could pm you my contact details.

            i just checked again my collection (some minions sent by relatives from the US :). I have extra:
            1. Tim Giggling
            2. Jerry Whistle
            3. 3 more Evil Minion Noisemakers

            If you don’t have Stuart Light-Up, I could also swap any of the above with Tim Giggle Grabber (week 1 Malaysia).

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