Mami & I

unlike other mommy-daughter relationship. mami and i used to have tiff every other day. she’s constantly disagreed with me for EVERYTHING i did. the boy i date, the activity i joined, the dress that i bought. she always says she’s one open-minded modern mom. personality wise, yeah she is. but thinking wise, she’s one living in the ancient times. whatever she says are right. keputuasan muktamad and no questioning allowed, which is ridiculous. that’s why i can’t stand her. familiarity breeds contempt i think.

i left home after that for my tertiary education. our relationship actually got better. absence makes the heart grow fonder, i guess. now, we talk on the phone almost everyday, asking each other how’s everything. we don’t fight over small matter now. we can now talk about my boyf openly. i’m glad that as we grow older, we get wiser, and more rational.

happy mother’s day! i love you mi!


4 thoughts on “Mami & I

    1. my mami’s bestie said i look exactly like the younger version of mami. haha

      hey have received the tea today! you even wrapped it nicely! tenkiu berry muchy! hehe

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