{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant @ Melaka Raya

you know, i have really great friends who are supportive of my passion in blogging. they would bring me to new makan places knowing that i would LOVE to try them out, they would wait patiently while i snapping away at THEIR food knowing that they have no choice haha, they would chauffeur me to events knowing that i have no car (back in Penang), they would also visit my blog religiously knowing that i channel a lot of love into my blog, and i am truly grateful for having them!

so when i have the chance to reciprocal favour, i would grab it. like when T were preparing for his new cafe opening, i volunteered myself to be his personal assistant doing chores like painting, contributing ideas and running errands with him. and his way of paying me was through, lunchy!

yes, the way to a girl’s heart is also through her tummy!

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant

most of the days we would just anyhowly take our lunchy nearby as we still had some matters to settle but T decided to bring me and a friend to his favourite Chinese restaurant one afternoon – Tian Xian Relish Restaurant, located at Taman Melaka Raya, opposite of Magnum Corporation office.

By its facade you might mistaken it as a unscrupulous restaurant which charges exorbitantly. it really is NOT the case, based on my two visits!

September 2014 [Tuesday]
{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant
Pineapple Pork Rib with Hawthorn Sauce | RM 12

Pork Rib (排骨) is my staple order whenever i dine in Chinese restaurant. i just love ribs! and that’s how i judge a restaurant!

the meat was tender, fall-off-bone kinda tender. and the ribs were coated with sweet and sour hawthorn sauce (山楂酱) which went so well with rice! and look at the price, it really is affordable!

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant
Baked Fish in Claypot | RM 49

according to T, “if you wanna eat fish (in Malacca), you have to come to Tian Xian Relish Restaurant!”

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant

Tian Xian Relish Restaurant specializes in seafood of rare species. for instance, you don’t easily find sou mei fish in any Chinese restaurant, or Japanese spider crab, or geoduck especially in Malacca.

the head chef also one of the business owner, Lau sifu was crowned gold medal in some competition few years back. but he remains humble and friendly, so don’t let the tinted dark doors hinder your way in 😉

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant
Baked Fish in Claypot | RM 49

well, T is right.

the fish was so. fresh. and the broth was light despite the color, anything heavier would overshadow the fish. i guess claypot does better in terms of retaining the heat and keeping the aroma within. the fish is Golden Snapper 红枣鱼 in case you wannt know.

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant
Sambal Kangkong | RM 13

and last but certainly not least, we had kangkong stir fried with sambal. the portion is huge for three of us but we managed to devour everything nonetheless!


December 2014 [Wednesday]

i was pretty satisfied with the dishes so i revisited the restaurant last week with some friends from KL! this time we splurged a lil’ seeing that Christmas is just around the corner… oh well we don’t need excuses to indulge, do we? 😛

however i need to apologize in advance for the low-res quality photos below and no detailed information on dish name and pricing as i was too eagle to gobble ooopps.

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant
鲍鱼炖虫草花汤 | RM 25-29 (depending on abalone’s size)

we warmed our belly with this Cordyceps flower broth served with abalone. the floating substance beneath the abalone was actually minced meat, kneaded with yacon, mushroom and scallop and chicken stock. the meat would float when it’s cooked and abalone is added 10 minutes before it’s ready to be served!

the end result is a pleasantly relish broth where the sweetness is derived from the scallop and yacon added crisp texture to the otherwise super soft meat mixture (akin to egg mixture).

we were so ready for the next dish! highly recommended this broth!

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant
Lumpfish 海参鱼 | RM 11.80 per 100g
*waves back*  #ABeautifulMess
Lumpfish 海参鱼 | RM 11.80 per 100g

lumpfish is found in deep cold waters of Arctic, Antarctic and North Pacific and this baby we were about to gollop is originated from Arctic :O and it’s also my firs encounter with lumpfish, i have not heard about this species prior to this #jakun.

other than its outstanding habitat, lumpfish has the thickest skin among fishes! the skin weighs about 1/3 of its total weight which makes it a good source for collagen! other than that, lumpfish contains HIGH Omega 3 which helps to lower cholesterol level and also prevents Alzheimer’s disease! and there’s only ONE soft bone supporting its structure where calcium concentrates. in short, this fish is laden with good FAT & calcium!

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant
汤勺海参斑鱼 | RM 11.80 per 100g

and such special fish has to be served specially too, ala shabu-shabu, as recommended by the chef because other cooking methods would conceal its freshness. the fish is sliced and you blanch it in the broth, prepared by boiling red dates and dang gui (Angelica sinensis) and some condiments.

the fish skin texture resembles sea cucumber hence the name – 海参斑鱼! it’s chewy, i would probably take it amiss as sea cucumber if i hadn’t seen the fish! and the flesh is firm.. we really do enjoy this dish!

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant


{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant
避风塘炒螃蟹 | RM 7.80 – RM 10.80 per 100g

we were in the mood for some crab that afternoon so we had this Typhoon Shelter Crab, a dish arises from Hong Kong!

the deep-fired crab were sprinkled heavily with garlic, cili padi, dried chilli and fermented black bean. those who loves garlic and spicy food would root for this dish for sure! the crab was again, fresh and the flesh is yeah, again firm which indicates the crab was uh fresh!

{Malacca} Tian Xian Relish Restaurant

i would highly recommend Tian Xian Relish Restaurant 天鲜馆 for any seafood lover! if you would like to try out some premium exotic seafood yet relatively affordable, do remember to call for reservation, to avoid disappointment!

Tian Xian Relish Restaurant 天鲜馆

No. 313, Jalan Melaka Raya 1,
Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.
+606 2881120/ +6019 3143313

Business Hours:
1100 – 1500
1800 – 2200
closed on Thursday


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