{Malacca} Orang Belanda Cafe @ Jonker Street

December 4th, 2013 [Wednesday]

i have been told that cafe scene in Malacca is pathetic :O. how can! exploring cafés in Penang was my favourite passtime! I guess it’s the different yumcha culture here.. perhaps Malaccan prefers mamak stalls over café?

anyway, Malacca does have few decent cafes (and abundant of below par ones *wails*). and Orang Belanda Café is one of the better one!

Orang Belanda Cafe is located at Jonker Street, at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. parking is usually limited during the day, so good luck ar wtf. we did manage to find one lot not far from the café though *smirks*.

Orang Belanda Cafe was previously run by a foreign couple; a Dutch husband paired with a French wifey. and only recently that a lovely local girl, Lysa, took it over. the decoration is maintained as it used to be. even the menu and the cooking style are preserved too! the food served are authentically influenced by Dutch and French!

yay for huge mirror!

okay I know, the décor might be a lil’ bland compared to Penang’s. but I like how they use bold purple on the wall, contrast with black and white photography and polaroids dangling on the wall!

the couch is dangerous. we almost didn’t wanna leave >.<

Summer Smoothie | RM 12; (hot) Chocolate “Orang Belanda” | RM 6.50 {highly recommended}

Summer Smoothie is a concoction consisting peach, strawberry, orange and banana! indeed summer-ish with balanced blend of sweet and sour fruits! simply refreshing on a sunny day! it has been rainy these days so glad that yesterday was a sunny day 😀

Chocolate “Orang Belanda” is something more than your usual hot chocolate! saw the powdery residue on the surface? it’s cinnamon! added for extra kick! i normally can’t finish up whole cup myself because it gets jelak after few drams, this, i happily hogged it.

Crepe Antillaise | RM 13 {recommend}

light and airy French crepe folded in caramelized banana coated with cinnamon (not pictured), dribbled with chocolate sauce, served with fresh banana  and whipped cream! the thickness is just right for my liking, not overly thin nor thick!

it’s a sweet crepe, but i understand that some might prefer savoury crepes, and you can find them at Orang Belanda Cafe 😀 i find savoury crepe errr.. weird. but the lady boss, Lysa, begs to differ! she’s a big fan of salty crepe, “just imagine roti canai, it’s weird to have it with banana right?”

who say so.

banana and roti canai can be perfect match too whaaat!

see, one man’s meat can be another man’s poison. taste is such an interesting thing.

Sandwich Bacon | RM 12 {highly recommended}

bread with bacon, seasoned mushroom, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese and green salad, served with mayonnaise.

porky lover (me!) would happily immersed in this Sandwich Bacon, i swear! worth every penny! just loook at the amount of smoky bacon. homemade bread is beautifully studded with sesame seeds. the sandwich itself is juicy and luscious enough, the mayonnaise is merely a decorative item.

Lysa and i posed in front of the Christmas tree. she’s a berry chatty and hospitable lass. and she’s Malaccan and happened to be bro’s ex-classmate! haha the world is super small!

Orang Belanda Cafe is a cosy cafe which is a great hangout place. i heard that angmohs (Caucasian) love spending a quiet afternoon there, reading book and sipping coffee ^^. seating is limited though. food is above par! definitely will be back again to try other items on the menu!

most of the cafes along Jonker Street closed at time 1700 or 1800. whaaat! the night is still young the night is not even here! that’s because the shops in the vicinity close after 1700, and robbery happened at the area before so it’d be dangerous to operate at night!

however, Orang Belanda Cafe does operate at night if there’s a group of more than 5 person, reservation is mandatory.


Orang Belanda Cafe

32, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Heerenstreet),
75200, Malacca.
+6012 9314777
opens daily: 1000 – 1700

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this is not an invited review, i paid for the meal, beverages were complimentary though.


28 thoughts on “{Malacca} Orang Belanda Cafe @ Jonker Street

  1. Roti canai pisang, I super-duper like!!! Where got weird? Oooooo…that bacon sandwich looks sooooooooo good! Awesome! And RM12 only for all that bacon? Sooooo cheap! You must be so distracted by it that you tagged it as “Orange” instead of “Orang”. Hehehehehe!!!!!
    suituapui recently posted..Try it again…My Profile

      1. We can only get roti canai pisang at one place here:
        and I liked it very much! I would think it makes really great dessert.

        But what I know is they do not make this at all the roti canai stalls here because it is hard to keep the bananas from going bad so they would rather not sell than buy bananas and in the end, throw them all away.

        I do not think it is weird at all – maybe you had one with bananas that are not so good anymore and they still use them?
        suituapui recently posted..Try it again…My Profile

        1. actually i have never had roti pisang before. i prefer roti sardine anytime! 😛 either that or roti planta, but not many stalls know how to make a good one, crisp and non-greasy! 🙁

          maybe i shall try roti pisang next time 😉

  2. “the couch is dangerous” <—- LOL! I thot u wanna say the couch was broken or wat. 😀
    Sandwich Bacon looks very nice. And the filling is quite full. Summer Smoothie sounds so refreshing…really feel like having it…like now! :-p
    Roti Pisang manyak sedap wor! hehe…..
    But the English type of crepe I think I preferred the sweet one 🙂

      1. Americans eat their sweet pancakes with bacon…plus maple syrup. I also thought that was a weird combination initially but I tried it once here and I quite liked it too. Like I always say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison – to each his own.
        suituapui recently posted..Try it again…My Profile

        1. i have never had pancake with bacon either! >.< i macam never makan many thing before =.= wait till i try and i'll let you know whether i dig it or not.. but i guess i WILL. cos who can say no to bacon ar! haha

    1. hallo Melissa the preggo! 😛

      ya whaaat, we didn’t bother to budge till it’s their closing time >.< that's why i highly recommended the bacon sandwich! om nom nom nom! eh preggo can drink cold drink ar haha 😛 i prefer my crepe served with sweet syrup instead of savoury ingredient :/

    1. hallo Huai Bin!

      errr it’s actually not so nice if you’re saying it in Hokkien, Hor Lan Cafe LOL.
      sorry only read your comment now :/ next time come malacca we catch up okie! 😉

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