{Malacca} Nyonya Laksa @ BESS Kopitiam, Bukit Baru

December 13th, 2013 [Friday]

eberybuddy knows that the ultimate laksa for me is Sarawak Laksa, and my second favourite… is none other than Malacca Nyonya Laksa! one of the better one i had lately was from BESS Kopitiam.

oh since we’re on Nyonya talk, just thought i’d share my favourite Nyonya restaurant is Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine which located at Melaka Raya!

mami’s the one recommended it to me actually. BESS Kopitiam is mami’s regular brekkie place together with the aunties her aerobic buddies. i don’t follow her to aerobic, i’d rather sleep in and comfortably do my daily 7 minutes workout at home hehe. then mami will come home with tapao-ed brunch for me.

she tapao-ed this Nyonya laksa thrice last month which left quite an impression. told her i would like to check out the coffee house as the quality is consistent even if it’s tapao version, and it definitely worth an entry on AntzWorLd :D.

on one morning, due to unforeseen circumstances, i had to follow mami to aerobic. and in return, i got to have a real Nyonya Laksa as reward! :D. real as in, in a real bowl instead of stainless steel tapao utensil.

Nyonya Laksa | RM 5

vermicelli inundated in luscious thick and rich santan-y broth, topped with the usual ingredients – cockles, tofu puff, fish cake, bean curd skin, julienne of cucumber and halved hard-boiled egg.

the broth consistency was just right, not too diluted nor overly thick. and the cucumber strips gave a nice crunchy texture since everything else absorbed the broth and became soggy. yes, it’s by far the BESS Nyonya Laksa i have ever had in Malacca. i used to love 88’s but the quality deteriorates in recent years la :(.

om nom nom nom 😀

stir in the sambal provided for additional flavour and kick!

this BESS Kopitiam i patronised is located at Bukit Baru, near the food court. it has another branch at Melaka Raya too! and besides Nyonya Laksa, BESS Kopitiam offers mee goreng, mee siam, nasi lemak and some toasts! so probably you would wanna drop by for brekkie some day?


BESS Kopitiam

-Bukit Baru-
No. 378 – C, Taman Sin Hoe,
Bukit Baru, 75150 Melaka.
business hours:
0730 – 1500
closed on Thursday


-Melaka Raya-
No. 641 ,Jalan Melaka Raya 10 ,
Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka.
business hours:
0800 – 1800
closed on Thursday
+6017 6108055 (Erwin)
website <– got website somemore, don’t play play


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