{Malacca} Mods Cafe @ Jalan Tokong

December 16th, 2013 [Monday]

i know how working adults lament about Monday blue. well, the bffwb and i are jobless so we had the pleasure to roam around and cafe-hopping on a Monday afternoon. all the better cafes seem to cluster around Jonker Street 鸡场街, a tourist district which garners loads of tourists (duh!) especially on weekends (which i avoid like the plague!). the road is narrow and finding parking lot can be a bitch even though we are here on a weekday!

Mods Cafe or more commonly known as the cafe with a van inside (i’m bad with name >.<) is located along Jalan Tokong, just diagonal opposite of the oldest temple, Cheng Hoon Teng. we parked our car at a private car park space nearby with a fee of RM 3 (per entry), i think.

we almost missed it. we thought it’s closed, with the small slit on the entrance. later we found out that the purpose of them closing the door (?) is to shield the heat and also prevent the aircond breeze from dissipating. luckily they have the OPEN sign hanging!

actually, i didn’t notice it, he did. when he said it’s opened, i was like “where? WHEEERE!” haha i am the most insensitive person, ever. Mods Cafe does look negligible from the outside. but the perception changed once you’re in!

well at least i was.

the interior is exactly how i imagined it to be. every nook and cranny is embellished with various vintage thingamajigs. the idiot boxes, the radios, the black discs, and the pinball machine. i paid too muchy attention on the ground and didn’t aware that there’s a train railway hanging high on the wall!

clever them maximizing the space by having simple box chairs and small round tables.

and where’s the van?


did i mention that there’s a van IN the premise?

it’s a 1978 VW Kombi Campervan which has been restored and transformed into a mobile coffee workstation. and that thing has a licence on the road, just so you know.

a vanception?

okay moving onto the food and beverages…

the minimum order here is a cuppa drink per head. the beverages generally price ranges from RM 7 – 14.

except for…

if you squint your eyes to see, their black coffee can go up to  RM80!!! i only realized when i was editing photo! maybe it’s Kopi Luwak?

Ice Coffee Caramel | RM 13

the bffwb needed his mandatory daily coffee dose. he said it’s okay-ish.

Ethiopian Kanga Yigracheffe Dry | RM 13
Ethiopian Kanga Yigracheffe Dry | RM 13

i usually don’t order coffee cos my heart palpitates, but i was tempted to, heard that the coffee here is good. i haven’t drank any coffee for a looong time, so i thought it’s okay to have one this time. the friendly wait staff recommended Ethiopian Kanga Yigracheffe Dry.

you know how coffee normally has bitter aftertaste (which me no likey), this beautifully crafted (though not creative) coffee with long weird name was surprisingly soothing, not so caffeinated and it finished sweetly!

sorry ar i’m no connoisseur when it comes to coffee. attached below is the brief description, so that you’ll have a better idea of the coffee.

Tiramisu | RM 16
Tiramisu | RM 16

given the choices between cheececake and tiramisu, i chose the latter although the wait staff recommended the former more. cos this blogger claimed that it’s the best tiramisu in Malacca, of course i had to order it!

he was right about it.

the cake was fluffy soft and AIRY, infused densely with rum, it’s the most alcoholic tiramisu i have had! it was GOOD, but was it worth RM 16? i have to say it’s a lil’ steep, based on Malacca’s cost of living.

Tiramisu | RM 16

nevertheless, if you’re here for the first time, i’ll recommend you to try their Tiramisu!

me scribbling on my (ripped off) Traveler’s Notebook :P. original one too expensive for poor student and i find it ridiculous paying RM 160 for a notebook. :/

so, Mods Cafe is certainly a great place to hang out (like every other cafes), it’s cosy but i don’t think it’s comfortable to sit on the hard stool for too long. do try their tiramisu because i think it’s really good.

Mods Cafe

14, Jalan Tokong,
75200 Melaka.
+6012 7564441 (Abert Khow)
Facebook Page

business hours:
1000 – 1800
closed on Wednesday.


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  1. The owner of this Mods Cafe is well-known of his LSLY attitude. When asked why open door so small, he said he don’t want to do so many business. When asked why limited seats/wood chair, he said he don’t want people to sit too long. After drinking should move your butt already =.=
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