{Malacca} Mian Fen Gao 面粉糕@ Jalan Tengkera

December 28th, 2013 [Saturday]

when brother’s back last month, mami brought us to this mian fen gao ( 面粉糕) stall which is highly recommended by her friend. according to mami’s friend, the mian fen gao here is really naise. so we went la with high expectation.

i was thinking, can really nicer than Jenny yiyi’s mer?. Jenny yiyi is mami’s younger sister who can cook up a hurricane! actually all mami’s sister berry talented in cooking, the eldest one can bake well, younger one can cook well, and youngest one can easily whip up 50 dishes a day sap sap sui (she owned a chapfan stall), see eberyone berry geng in kitchen except mami =.=.

paiseh ar i digress.

this mian fen gao stall is located along Jalan Tengkera, a little shop by the road side. it’s empty when we arrived, but shortly after it’s full house! there’s also a famous Putu Piring stall along Jalan Tengkera which only opens after 1800!

Green Bean Tong Sui | RM 1.50

mami and i had green bean while brother and gf had barley. i like that the sweetness is just right.

focus is on the bokeh 😛

Dry Mian Fen Gao (BIG) | RM 3.50

the mian fen gao here is done conventionally, like how we usually prepare at home, kneaded flour dough is flattened with fingers, torn into pieces and then thrown into boiling water/broth.

for this dry version, mian fen gao is tossed in dark soy sauce and probably some other condiments, topped with chicken pieces, fried anchovies, fried shallot and sawi (instead of mani chai), served with a bowl of clear broth and chili sambal.

it’s bro, and i had a spoon, find it really ordinary. like really nothing to shout about lo. and my brother left the sambal untouched.

Soupy Mian Fen Gao (small) | RM 3.50

and then mine came.

mian fen gao in clear broth with the same ingredients as above. and it tasted exactly like how it looked, bland. however, people deemed this as 古早味 (gu za bi), literally means old taste, you know, the taste people is used to… before the invention of MSG? and that’s why it attracts so many patrons even though the food is just average-ish.

but i do think they could have added more anchovies or chicken bone into the soup to make it more flavourful.

i must state that this review is a collective one. all four of us said the same thing. and my bro’s taste bud is notoriously yim chim (fussy). if he’s a blogger, he could name his blog The Wicked Blogger, cos his remarks are really brutal. :/

Nasi Lemak (small) | RM 2.50

my bro never stop at one (plate), so he ordered a plate of Nasi Lemak which had kangkong, cucumber, halved hard-boiled egg, a pinch of fried anchovies and sambal, which is the same sambal from the dry mian fen gao =.=

rice and sambal are the main elements in a nasi lemak. and both weren’t done right here. rice was lack of the lemak fragrant and sambal was just, not right.

but then again, my review is after all, MY review. and no matter what i just said, people will still flock to this place, to taste a bowl of traditionally made mian fen gao, and reminisce the taste they remembered.


Jalan Tengkera Mian Fen Gao
175, Jalan Tengkera,
75200 Melaka.
business hours:
1700 – 2330
closed on Tuesday


19 thoughts on “{Malacca} Mian Fen Gao 面粉糕@ Jalan Tengkera

    1. hallo Simple Person!

      i love mian fen gao too! yay high 5!
      you can try to prepare this at home, no mafan, just have to knead the flour dough and prepare the stock, and get some ingredients to go with the mian fen gao!

    1. hallo Waco!

      ewwwww intestine..
      usually they will mani chai in mian fen gao, this stall special a bit, add sawi pulak :/
      you’re more Malaccan than me le.. i just started to explore local food scene haha XD

    1. hallo Suituapui!

      this is generous? O.o
      you should have seen the amount of ikan bilis on my nasi lemak, bought at a stall in my neighbourhood! it’s O.O. too bad me no likey ikan bilis la, so i shove them to doggie >.<

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