{Malacca} Limau Limau Cafe @ Jonker Street

December 16th, 2013 [Monday]

after Mods Cafe, the bffwb and i hopped to another cafe in the vicinity, Limau Limau Cafe. i didn’t know Malacca has such vintagey cafe until i saw a photo posted by Eunice on Instagram. #imnotmalaccan

love the wooden furnished throughout the cafe. it’s serene but stuffy. air-conditioning is a necessity in today’s weather, in my opinion. and with the scarce parking lots at Jonker Street, visitors usually have to park a distance away. so imagine them walking under scorching hot sun, showed up sweatily and panting but to be disappointed with no air-conditioners! like us me.

the same ordeal we experienced with Ete Cafe in Penang!

chandeliers hanging on ceiling. love the black one, berry gothic.

Mango & Passion Fruit Ice Blended | RM 10

the perfect life saver thirst quencher! the colour is so summerish. it’s sourish with a hint of sweetness, from the mango. even my male date finds the sourness acceptable! it’s truly refreshing, i could feel the chill streaming down my esophagus. syiok 😛

Egg & Ham Ciabatta Bread Sandwiches | RM 11.90

a glance at their menu, it seems like their specialty is ciabatta/focaccia sandwich with different fillings. i asked for recommendation and the wait staff just vaguely said everything is good. =.=

we settled for Egg & Ham filling and regretted instantly when it’s served. it tasted exactly like how it’s presented, bland. the bread was dry, so as the filling. the only thing commendable is the fluffy egg.

we struggled to finish it. luckily we got a seat near the entrance, at least there’s some breeze to ease the dining experience.

Limau Limau Cafe serves breakfast set during breakfast hours! 0900 – 1200!

breakfast set ranges from RM 10.90 – RM 18.90.

will probably come back for breakfast. or at night for yumcha. oh i forgot cafes in Malacca closed after 1800, when the night is still young! =.=

Limau Limau Cafe

No 9, Jalan Hang Lekiu
75200 Melaka, Malaysia
+6012-698 4917

Business Hours
0900 – 1800
closed on Wednesday.


20 thoughts on “{Malacca} Limau Limau Cafe @ Jonker Street

    1. hallo Penang Ho Chiak!

      if you familiar that area, it’s actually not that secluded. but i am an idiot when it comes to direction, thanks goodness my buddies are all berry good at it! they will lead the road!

    1. hallo Ahlost!

      i’m sure there must be a few that’s the most recommended or if you can’t decide, best seller will tell. but no, she just said eberything is good. tsk. turned out that it’s not true!

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