{Malacca} Brekkie @ Odeon Western Food Restaurant, Melaka Raya

January 3rd, 2014 [Friday]

i had a harsh morning. so i needed brekkie (brunch?) to fuel my frustration into energy (or rather calorie). doesn’t make sense but whatever.

Odeon has been on my list since i heard about it from bffwb. i was asking him about the go-to places for brekkie and he mentioned Odeon which sounded like a cafe. turned out that it’s a normal coffee shop >.<.

we ordered Morning Special Set A & B. each set comes with a tea/coffee by default, you may choose other beverages at additional charges.

coincidentally we both had Tea. i don’t do coffee and he had his earlier.

i think Milk Tea is more appropriate here. they used two BOH tea bags instead of one, making it really gao and fragrant. of course it can’t beat authentic Hong Kong milk tea la.

do take note that complementary tea/coffee is available until 1130 only.

Morning Special Set A | RM 5.50

this set consists of two pieces of white bread with a cube of Anchor butter, two sunny side up and a sausage. his.

when this was served, i uttered, “two eggs one sausage, so ngam ar!” WTFFFF

Morning Special Set B | RM 5.80

instead of sausage, Set B has a piece of ham which costs 30 cents more expensive than sausage.

i was quite disappointed with the bread (it says toast on the menu), i wish they toasted our breads for the crisp texture. other than that, i have nothing else to rant. i mean with the price paid, what more you expect? two half-boiled eggs at Old Town cost more than RM 4, if i’m not mistaken la.

Odeon 胜在经济, this was what i wrote in my journal.

luckily they did the runny yolk right!

overall, i think the breakfast set at Odeon was decent (as in not too shabby) and berry reasonably-priced. heard that their western food is cheap yet good. heard la, will try to find out next time 😉


Odeon Western Food Restaurant

605, Jalan Melaka Raya 10,
Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka.
+606 2868663
+6019 7738663 (Fen)


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