{Malacca} Lunchy @ Ocean Cafe, Jalan Tukang Emas 20

as you all might have known that AntzWorLd was hacked last week and to my horror i have to start afresh! so i’m doing the reposting gradually. i may have already forgotten the details cos my memory hasn’t been serving me quite well lately seimou.

i went back to my hometown (Melaka!) during CNY. apart from reuniting with le familian, we did the “prayer to change luck” (转运) at the oldest temple in Malaysia, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. it’s an annual ritual that we have been practising on the second day of CNY for many years. Bro and sou sou only came back on the 9th day of CNY, so mami suggested we shall go once more before i travel back to Penang.

we went and did the prayer thingy and then i wanted to have early lunchy before my trip back. we planned to makan at Jonker 88. i miss the cendol there! while we were walking, we past by an insignificant cafe, and suddenly one guy approached us, “wanna try out our laksa? berry femes one!” we looked at each other and “why not?” we said simultaneously! haha.


this is the aforementioned unappealing cafe :/

yeah we judged the book by its cover. but who doesn’t right? it’s empty inside, prolly because it’s before lunchy time on a weekday.


they proceeded with the ordering, me as usual whipped out my trusty camera and snapped away while daddy sitting inside #likeaboss


apparently they have served many satisfied customers from all over the globe!

Meehoon Siam | RM 3.80

fried meehoon drenched in sourish broth topped with taugeh, strips of egg, cucumber, fish cake, a lil’ dollop of sambal and a half calamansi. i can’t resist anything sourish AND spicy. this dish is recommended to those who have the similar taste buds.

Nasi Lemak | RM 3, with Rendang Chicken | RM 7.50

they actually forgot about the sambal =.=. to be honest i forgot how the rendang chicken tasted like. i guess this is forgettable.

Malacca Laksa | RM 5

this is the main signature dish. everybuddy comes for this! i love that it’s not too santan-ish. the spiciness are just nice. it’s different from your ordinary curry laksa. this’s my second favourite from this cafe!

Soup Noodle | RM 3.80

BLAND, is the only word to describe it. don’t order this. don’t say i didn’t warn you ar!

Cendol | RM 2.80

i prefer Melaka’s cendol over Penang’s! Gula Melaka is the secret ingredient! it makes this bowl of coll treat so muchy fragrant and yummo!

so if you are visiting Melaka, happen to be around JOnker Street, pop by for the laksa and cendol ya 🙂


Ocean Cafe
Jalan Tukang Emas 20
(opposite Mosque and Hindu Temple)


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  1. This certainly looks like a great place. I like!!! Th efood looks awesome, love it. Must make a trip to Melaka one of these days… Yum!!! Have had enough of Penang and KL already.
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