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Liposonix 101

you know i always, always have people questioning me “why you eat so much still can maintain figure one! HOW?”

most of the time i shrug and reply “oh i’m just good at hiding fat”.


which is true! if i put on birthday suit, you’ll be surprised how i camouflage the nonexistent (you thought) fat so well, especially the thunder thighs. if you follow me on social media (facebook|instagram), i wear skirt all the time cos i think skirt is the best shield. it doesn’t wrap around the thigh too tight and expose my flaw (and also because skirt is more airy la weather berry hot okie!). i do jealous how slender some people can be while i have a typical pear shape body figure, small bust abdomen with super curvy and heavy bottom.


so my point is, i do have FAT. i am just like eberyone else, there’s some fat no matter how hard you exercise, how strict your diet is, that one bloody inch (or two three) just DOESN’T GO AWAY! it’s pretty devastating (drama mama) cos i have to avoid skinny jeans or anything that would show my flaw like plague 🙁


imagine how delight i was to receive an email from the kind folks of Solta Medical, inviting me to review one of their treatment, Liposonix at a clinic in Malacca (i requested it cos that’s where i am based now XD)! as muchy as i would like to say a bug fat YES rightaway, i rationally thought i had to do some research on Liposonix first. i mean is it safe? how does it works? is there any side effect? and what i concern the most, does it hurts???


i met up with Dr Liow Tiong Sin, an experienced aesthetic physician in Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (who coincidentally owns a clinic in Melaka!) for consultation before the treatment and he explained everything in detail and answered my questions patiently. i thought you might be interested and wanted to know more about Liposonix, so here’s a Liposonix 101 guide!


what’s Liposonix & how does it work?

Liposonix is a safe, non-invasive fat busting treatment using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. unlike liposuction, Liposonix is not a surgery. it eliminates stubborn fat from your body via ultrasound penetrating through your skin, focusing only the targeted fat and breaking them up, without harming the skin surface and other regions other than the fat layer. the whole treatment takes around 1 hour and it promises to remove 1 inch of fat with just 1 treatment. and one of the most attractive feature is, no down time. you can have the treatment done during lunchy time and get back to work right after. no problemo.


however, that is not the case for thigh as the fat are more stubborn and hardened so eliminating them might require one or more treatment.


who’s suitable for Liposonix?

if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle (proper exercise and diet) and close to your ideal body size & shape, and yet you have that one inch which no matter how hard you tried, it doesn’t seem to go away, you’re the perfect candidate for Liposonix!

but of course, a thorough consultation with the doctor is needed to see if you’re qualified.

in general, you need to have at least an inch of pinchable fat in the treatment area (thigh, love handles, waist), in good health with BMI equivalent or less than 30. Liposonix is not suitable for those who are overweight and obese.

luckily, i fit the criteria! i do exercise and have proper diet and i can pinch an inch of fat on my thighs! so yay!


any pre-treatment preparation?

well, wear something comfortable and nice cos you’ll be taking some pre-treatment photos exposing your tummy/thigh. you may also need to strip down to your panties, so yeah don’t wear ah ma panties ar!


does the treatment hurt?


the maximum heat intensity is 60 Joules/cm2 and i could only tolerate 35 pass. the treatment started at 45 and i seriously couldn’t bear the heat and pain (the pain is prickling and at times unbearable) and so they reduced it to 40 and then 35. i have to stress that, i have super low pain tolerance! i was also told that, one will feel more pain if her/his fat layer isn’t thick enough. so i was glad to feel the pain >.<

i would prefer to have the treatment at a tolerable pass (varies between individuals’ threshold of pain) and let the device go over the same spot for a few times. however if your pain threshold is higher, you may opt to get it done at a higher pass. lowering the pass does not affect the effect.

a total of 140 – 180 pass (Joules/cm2) will be subjected to each area. during my session, one spot was treated 4 times (35 x 4) to get a 140 pass per spot. if let say you can tolerate 50 pass, the same spot will only be treated thrice ( 50 x 3 = 150) which means your treatment time may be shortened. understand?


are there any side effect?

post treatment, treated area was a little tender. and certain parts treated at 45 pass were bruised. i can still carry on with my daily routine as usual though. and the bruises subsided after a week.


when will i see the result?

results are typically seen in 8 -12 weeks after treatment which is the time needed for the body to naturally eliminate the treated fat. woots can’t wait!


how muchy does it cost?

each treatment might set you back RM 10k or more. yes it’s costly that’s why it’s not recommended for people who’s obese.


how’s the treatment like?

i have underwent Liposonix on March 22nd and i’ll be blogging the part 2 later next month to show you some before and early after photos! so do come back and have a look at my fat thigh! XD


just in case you’re already itching to try Liposonix, you can make an appointment with Dr Liow via the following means!


Sands’ End Aesthetics @ Klinik Ujong Pasir
71E & F, Jalan Ujong Pasir,
Ujong Pasir,
75050 Melaka.
+606 286 2988
+606 283 8388

+606 283 8389


4 thoughts on “Liposonix 101

    1. hallo Kelly!

      i would like to think that i have less fat, that’s why can feel the pain! 😛
      Dr Liow told me he’s charging about RM 12k in KL. after discount it’s about RM 9k+… gulp.

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