two of my relatives past away within a month, a bloke and an elderly. one cause of cancer while the other, kidney failure. i was pretty disturbed after receiving the news. although we are not really close, (we only meet once annually, during chinese new year) but they are the people that i have known since i was young. the elderly was the most optimistic cum happy-go-lucky person ever, there’s always laughters whenever he’s around. it was really saddening to see how they have suffered, the agonizing pain they borne with and how they battled against the illness bravely was inspiring.

we often take life for granted until something like this happened. and then we realized how fucking short, fragile and unexpected life is. that is why we have to take life seriously, live it to the fullest. so that one day, when it is our turn to leave the world *touchy wood*, we can look back and smile gratifiedly, and leave with no regret.



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