{Kluang} Anke Uke Cafe @ Pusat Perniagaan Tasik

December 24th, 2013 [Tuesday]

after Segamat, the bffwb and i drove for an hour or more and stopped by Kluang. woohoo my first time at Kluang. prior this trip i have done my homework on where to go in Kluang, food mainly! and one of the place i suggested us to check out was this Anke Uke Cafe! i read about it on this blog and thought it’s a nice place and faititly jotted it down on my journal.

chalkboard menu welcomes you at the entrance.

saw some shoes at the corridor and hesitated should we remove ours too? then i peeped inside and saw diners had their shoes on. i asked the person in charge, Guo Wei, after that and he reassured that yes, visitors can have shoes on. only staffs have to bare their foots.

my stomach was growling so the first thing i asked for is menu! which is presented in mini chalkboard too! one for beverage and one for dessert!


lemon pineapple beverage which has got a heart-shaped ice cube!

红豆 + 薏米

my reb bean + barley dessert.

the drink here is quite bland, kurang kurang manis version which might make you grumble. i’m super fine with it though.

Ayam Masak Lemak

i have to say the food here is just okay-ish. no, don’t get me wrong, NOT that it’s inedible or what, i just thought the meat need a little more seasoning as the flavour was mild. but i liked that it’s not too lemak.

if you’re here for food, you’ll be disappointed with what they offer. however i heard their coffee fairs muchy better. KK just had a cuppa in the morning so he didn’t want another dose. me? nah i don’t drink coffee now. you have to come to find out yourself, coffee addict 😉

the food might be average-ish, but i think what lure people keep coming back here is, the homely feel upon entering the structure. the carpet, the wooden furniture, friendly wait staff and small little decorative items that reminds you of home disperse all over.

you could have guessed that this is a music cafe judging by its name. ukulele, anke uke.

Anke Uke doesn’t just offer f&b, they have ukulele classes too! for the schedule and inquire, kindly contact +607 7082270. and the ukulele and guitar hanging gracefully on the wall are more than decorative item. bring them home if you likey, at certain cost, of course.

you’ll get to see Guo Wei in action, playing ukulele quaintly at one corner if you’re lucky like us.

they even decorated their wall with Kluang and world map!

if i ever my own cafe in the future, i would hang abstract paintings on the wall, painted by me, noone would understand anyway wtf.

i found few records at the shelf, behind of me, signed personally by artists, addressed to 瑞业老师 (Rui Ye). i knew that Mr Rui Ye is the founder of this Anke Uke Cafe when researching this cafe! he’s a renowned Malaysian songwriter who has established his position in Taiwan. LeeHom, Fish Leong, Vivian Hsu, Joey Yung and Rene Liu, just to name a few, are some of the Taiwanese singers Mr Rui Ye has worked with! he also wrote 想见你 sang by Michael & Victor (光良品冠), when they were still duet.

see Malaysia Boleh!

he moved to Kluang about four years ago and only set up Anke Uke merely a year ago. and we actually saw him in person in the cafe! he dressed berry casually and was arranging the ukulele on the wall. heard that he’s a good cook! he usually cooks lunchy for his staffs. 会下厨的男人最迷人了!

that’s me busy stamping Anke Uke on my journal! my eyes instantly light up at the sight of this beautiful box of Disney-themed stamp set sitting lonely at a corner! i practically hopped to front desk asked for permission to use it! it’s brand new so i thought i’d better ask first. they happily shoved to me and i gladly accepted and stamped  away! 😀

Panna Cotta

silky smooth milk pudding topped with generous shaving of chocolate! perfect dessert to end our short stopover at Anke Uke Cafe.

actually not short la, we spent more than an hour there. had some casual conversation with Guo Wei.

the bill came up to RM 15. pretty reasonable right? i guess one of the perks of living in small town, is the low cost of living.

btw, Happy New Year Anteaders! i hope it’s not too late yet :P.

Anke Uke Cafe
26, Jalan Tasik 1,
Pusat Perniagaan Tasik,
86000 Kluang, Johor.
+607 7082270

business hours:
1030 – 1730
closed on Wed & Sun.


6 thoughts on “{Kluang} Anke Uke Cafe @ Pusat Perniagaan Tasik

    1. hallo Ken!

      the panna cotta, if not mistaken is RM 6, how big portion you expect? but i thought it’s just nice as a after meal dessert!

      yala food normal but love the laid-back ambiance!

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