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{Klang Valley} Brekkie @ VCR, Bukit Bintang

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of all the numerous cafes around Klang Valley, VCR is one of the handful that i have been dying to visit! and VCR appears on my Instagram‘s feed most frequently, ya thanks for the temptation guys. so on my business trip to KL last week, i vowed to pop by. well wish granted, with its distance merely 5 minutes drive away from our hotel and it opens at brekkie time (8am guys!), speaking of 天时 地利 人和!

we made our way there leisurely without having to brave through any traffic, oh i love Saturday.. morning!

obviously i have high expectation towards VCR and was i satisfied with what VCR offers? ambiance wise, VCR has what i love in a cafe, ample natural light and large windows (upstairs), wooden furniture. i wouldn’t say it’s cosy, but it’s quaintly chic.

how does the food fairs?

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Flat White | RM 11; Chocolate | RM 13

M needs her daily dose of caffeine while me having a cuppa hot chocolate to warm myself up in the morning.

i have hot chocolate every morning during my stay in KL. out of the four cups i had, i have to say this is not a memorable one. it’s decent but didn’t stand out. Yellow Brick Road serves the best hot chocolate imho, it’s thick and creamyyy.

VCR 09
Turkish Style Eggs | RM 26

chickpea and slices of sausages drenched in tomato sauce topped with poached egg and sour cream, crushed  pistachio, served with sour dough.

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you know, prior visiting any new eatery i have this tendency to look up on Instagram, to have an idea of what’s everyone’s favourites. i was browsing through #vcrcafe photos with M the night before, she’s eyeing at potato waffle and i was torned between french toast and big breakfast. and donno what got M, she bailed out and ordered Turkish Style Eggs instead. i guess she was sold by the Eggs. this woman loves eggs more than anything!

apparently the dish came out more than M imagined, to her dismay. oh i have to add, she loves eggs but frowns at the sight of tomato. too late to regret baby. well me being the nicest colleague she ever has, offered to take up half of it and she had half of mine.

to be honest i didn’t quite likey the combination of chickpea with tomato, it’s… interesting in an unpleasant way (taste is a very personalised thing, guys!). but we loved everything else, the wobbly eggs, the toast slathered with the tomato sauce, the crushed pistachio which gave a subtle texture to the otherwise soft and mushy dish.

VCR 13
VCR Big Breakfast | RM 34

a substantial platter of mushroom, tomato, combo of black-eyed and baked bean, sausages, chicken ham, rockets, poached eggs served on toast.

my big breakfast was indeed BIG and can easily feed two! everything’s done right here and food was plated nicely, so photogenic. i am pretty shallow when it comes to food, i seriously judge the food by its look XD.

we spent a great one hour there slowly enjoying our breakfast. last working day on that weekend yo!

VCR 14

#eggporn of a perfectly poached egg.

i will certainly be back again to try out some other items on menu! especially their coffee and potato waffle. Bangsarbabe rated VCR’s coffee is one of the best in town!


2, Jalan Galloway, Bukit Bintang
50150 Kuala Lumpur.
+603 2110 2330
Facebook page

Business hours:
opens daily
0800 – 2300


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