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Joblogy.com – finding jobs online

i’m currently in the midst of writing papers and thesis. and probably i’ll have to start looking for job T_T by end of this year. and i just signed myself up at several major job sites (yeah i have never worked more than 1 month in my life, blogging doesn’t count la). and today while i was simply surfing around, i chanced upon Joblogy.com!

yike! so cutie (it’s pink!) but at the same time kinda funny-creepy cos it just keep staring at me!

i found out that, Joblogy.com is another new website by the owner who owns HomeTuitionJob.com, a tutoring website which i wrote before here. due to the increase in cost of living, more and more young people are looking for part time job now!

Joblogy.com is super easy to navigate and it even got a nifty voice-to-text feature to boot! how cool is that!

both employer and job seeker are welcomed to sign up at Joblogy.com! and i love that it integrates with facebook making the sign-up process really hassle-free as it will auto fill up your academic backgrounds and work experiences!

you’ll then land on jobs list page, just click on the VIEW button if you find any job that attracts you!

other than full-timer and part-timer, students who are looking for internship should check out Joblogy.com as well as contract-based job seekers! however, most of the jobs available now are IT-related. it’s new remember? gives it some time, joblogy.com will gradually expand and more and more jobs will be available soon! 😉

i myself applied for a part-time job, which i can work from home 😀

before i sign off,

do like Joblogy.com’s Facebook page for more updates! 🙂

and purleeese take care of yourself! drins loads of water and put on masks if you’re heading outdoor!


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