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{Hong Kong} Roasted Goose @ Yung Kee Restaurant, Central

saw Ken posted a roasted duck photo on fb bloody hell make me yearn for one! and then i suddenly remember i have had one berry nice roast goose in Hong Kong which i never blogged about, why not now i thought!

Kikilala (not real name) and i walked across 9 streets like literally just so that i we got to taste the femes roast goose from Yung Kee Restaurant!

i must really admire our ability to get lost all the time even though we had map with us. we were always on the opposite direction hence wasted most of our time on the wrong way FOL. we almost gave up half way, but i insisted we MUST find it! *thingidoforsiungobei wtf

it better be darn good, Kikilala warned. :/

so yeah! i tapao-ed a roasted goose leg for us! and we only savoured it when we got back to our room!

jeng jeng jeng 😀

the roasted goose came with a sour plum sauce which i thought didn’t really complement the goose at all!

the roasted goose was good on its own! berry berry juicy and tasty! the skin was already soggy but it’s okay, didn’t affect the taste. the meat was soft and tender ooh lala

Kikilala who’s berry health concious couldn’t resist a bite too! phew! worth the walking! and yeah i devoured  the skin as well 😀 too good!

their century egg is one of the must-order dish too. too bad i am not a fan. i’ll pass it.

the aftermath!

the price was hefty though, around 120 HKD if i am not mistaken. it’s around RM 48! or was it 80 HKD? hmmmm…

i don’t mind walking all the way there again, if i am revisiting Hong Kong! hopefully the boyf is there to hold my shopping bags and be my portable tripod next time!


Yung Kee Restaurant
32 – 40 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong.
香港中環威靈頓街32-40 號

business hours:
1100 – 2330



14 thoughts on “{Hong Kong} Roasted Goose @ Yung Kee Restaurant, Central

  1. I think we went there too when I was in HK.. or we were ABOUT to go there and was right in front of it but didn’t go for some reason. Boo. I miss having goose in HK! In fact, I miss HK so much. Can’t wait to go back!
    Katy recently posted..Excuses Excuses ExcusesMy Profile

  2. OMG I was there too! But didn’t have to pay for the meal there cos our big bro friend who works there treated us to a gorg heavenly meal. I think I prefer goose over duck, given they have less fats! Good for those who need to watch their waist line! We should go on a food trip some day! Haha :DD

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