Hat Yai

{Hat Yai} Stay @ Tune Hotel

December 7-9th, 2012

weeks before this Hat Yai trip, Dom (one of my fellow travel partner cum homie) listed out a few hotels she had in mind. we left all the planning (accommodation + transport + places shopping malls to visit) to her since she been to Hat Yai early this year. yala we are such bad homies ๐Ÿ˜›

Tune Hotel was on the list together with two other hotels which names i forgot. i slashed off Tune Hotel at the sight off it. i have heard too muchy about Tune Hotel la. how the room is so small till no space to put luggages. we were going to share the room among few of us so we would rather to pay more for a spacious room.

but in the end, Dom managed to persuade us, saying that Tune Hotel in Thailand is different from the ones in Malaysia, based on her experience with Tune Hotel Phuket. we trusted her!

3D2N @ Hatyai

here’s where we spent two night sleeping soundly at!

the faรงade is so striking you will have no problem spotting it from afar!

3D2N @ Hatyai

we opted two single beds.

why are hotel’s bed and pillow always so soft and comfy? must be the high thread count!

3D2N @ Hatyai


spacious right Right RIGHT?

i remembered seeing how Tune Hotel KL was pathetically small on Huai Bin’s bloggie. here, there’s enough space for you to bounce here and there without worrying knocking on bed edges!

3D2N @ Hatyai

3D2N @ Hatyai

bathroom was decent as well!

3D2N @ Hatyai

huge mirror for me to camwhore some more.

3D2N @ Hatyai

and a full body mirror in the room to snap outfit photos hehe. they are Dom (left) & Karen, my homies for two years!

location wise, i would say Tune Hotel Hat Yai is quite strategically-located, with 5 mins walking distance to Lee Garden Plaza. or if you’re lazy, there’s plenty of tuk-tuk awaiting you outside of the hotel.

it’s also my first time staying at Tune Hotel and i must say it’s a really pleasant stay! staffs are helpful and courteous, berry hospitable! i’ll definitely choose Tune Hotel Hat Yai again if i were to visit Hat Yai again! daren’t say so for local Tune though.


11 thoughts on “{Hat Yai} Stay @ Tune Hotel

  1. Oh wow~


    The room is really so much more spacious compared to the one in LCCT. I stayed there for a very short time (while waiting for a long transit) and the room is really so small that I kept bumping into things. Hehehe.

    1. YUP YUP YUP!

      it’s so muchy more affordable compared to other hotels like Lee Garden!

      and berry clean too, staffs are hospitable as well. had a great stay there ๐Ÿ™‚

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