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{Hat Yai} Gelate @ Lee Garden Plaza

December 7th, 2012

the first shopping centre we went was Lee Garden Plaza which is 5 minutes walking distance away from where we staying, Tune Hotel. we turned down tuk-tuk because we wanted to explore more by walking through the bustle streets. there’s many stalls selling fruits and snacks which we past by along the way to shopping centre aforementioned. the weather was hot, although we walked under shades most of time, we still felt the heat from the scorching sun.

3D2N @ Hatyai

so imagine how joyous we were when we stumbled upon Gelate! we were first attracted by its façade to be honest.

3D2N @ Hatyai

cute little cafe alike.

3D2N @ Hatyai

3D2N @ Hatyai

i love how colorful the gelato are! and like every other gelato shops, they display fresh fruits on each flavour. how come baskin robbin no do the same?

you get to sample flavours you  likey before making choices. guess which’s our favourite?

3D2N @ Hatyai

you can either have yours in cup or cone, in different sizes at different pricing.

3D2N @ Hatyai
Croccantino Al Rhum | 45 baht

scoop of smooth and creamy gelato which is intensely infused with rum, you can actually feel the kick in it. the Alcoholic (who is not to be named) gave a consent nod. highly recommended by all of us! bet you can’t find one alcoholic gelato here! 😛


Lee Garden Plaza
29 Prachatipat Road,
Hadyai, Songkhla
90110 Thailand
website (their website is too cute! too bad it’s in Thai =.=)


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