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Hallo, July.


hallo there, it’s been a long, looong while.

i have taken a looooong break from blogging, 7 months to be exact. so what happened? well, i just didn’t have the heart to blog. when i come home from work on weeknight, all i wanna do is to take a hot shower and nua (slouch) on bed. and simply scrolling till it’s time for bed. mediocre. i come alive on weekend though, which mostly is eventful and blogging seems like the least important to do.

so what now?

well, i don’t have the heart to shut this space down. and since i paid for the domain and hosting, might as well utilize it, rather than letting it to rot.

i’m not too sure what’s the direction of AntzWorLd yet. maybe i’ll share some recipes (yesh i’m on my way becoming a domestic goddess i tell you!) and backlogs of travels and maybe some makan places worth mentioning!

i’ll try to blog periodically, whenever i can. i think i can, if i spend less time scrolling facebook.


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