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George Town Bicycle Tour

many weeks ago, a bunch of us sacrificed our beauty sleep on a lovely Sunday morning to have a George Town bicycle tour 😀 because Sunday is the Car Free Day in certain part of George Town. i would say it’s a totally different experience from driving and walking!


this is where we rented our bikes! at RM 25 per bike, the most expensive one around George Town, we only booked that morning, others were all booked, so beggars couldn’t be choosers, we just took whatever available! we were lucky, there’s the last seven bikes for us! ngam ngam hou! phew!

Metro Bike Center #2
Tanjung City Marina
(beside Jetty Bus Terminal)
8A Pengkalan Weld,
10300 George Town, Penang.
0900 – 1700 daily

there’s two other place where you can rent bikes too, one is here, the other one is located along Armenian Street with a trishaw in front of the shop. the latter offers the cheapest rental, at RM 10! for whole day or 4 hours i forgot :/

outfit of the day! i put on the lightest baju i can get cos i knew i would sweat like a piggie later the day. turned out that i was right, no thanks to scorching sun.

cropped top: pasar malam hahaha. many thought i am from Australia. i have the tourist look i think
shorts: nichii
shoes: Converse
necklace: SKÖN Blogshop

that’s me and my gun 😀

my shoulder threw me a tantrum the day after. and its battery dies out after few hours. bloody hell wasted my effort lugging it around!

LC & I when we were still fresh and clean!

first thing first, brekkie! cycling is a strenuous exercise don’t cha know that! we didn’t cycle through the massive crowd la, parked our bikes in front of a closed shop. then had a fulfilling brekkie at Chowrasta Market 😀

and our riding adventure started! revisited few of the murals by Ernest Zacharevic! this time with a bigger crowd and our bikes 😀

after that we went to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion since few of us haven’t been there. manatau it’s closed for personal function – ROM…so potong steam =.=

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
14 Lebuh Leith
10200 George Town, Penang.
+604 2620006

so we took a shot with its facade.

we have started to feel the heat by now. but it’s still bearable…

and then we cycled to Chew Jetty! the sun was merciless that day. so searing hot and we were constantly asking ourselves, why are we doing this again? :/

everybuddy this is a hair salon! dafuq right? i would never trust the hairstylist.

this is the 8th wall mural that we missed out last time!

right after this shot, my gun’s battery dead 🙁 following pictures were snapped with iBaby!

the heat was really getting us, part of us felt like giving up, part of thought “walao i paid 25 buck already i am not going to return the bike so soon!”. yeah we are the kiasu cheapo type. but it’s too hot to continue our adventure. at every stop, we were busy splattering sunblock on our exposed body parts. we love Sunplay! hehe

so we rode to heaven 1st Avenue 😀 for full blast of cool breeze!

both of them enjoyed a 5 mins massage too! pfft.

after merely 15 minutes of resting, we were in the hell on the road again!

we braved through the road along with HUGE buses, cars and motorbikes, and here we were! to visit the pioneers of Penang wtf amitabha. eerily beautiful, innit? i heard that some couple actually takes wedding photo here O.o

some of the graves have already damaged due to constantly exposed to harsh weather and aged. some were restored by prolly their offspring.

Christian Cemetery
Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 George Town, Penang.

awwwww someone still remember him after more than two centuries.

is is actually quite cooling and shady and scenic here thanks to the greens! we wish to stay longer to express our grateful to Captain how successful Penang has since become. but against it as there were some other places we would like to explore.

Guan Yin Temple!

stopped by to say harro to buddha and light up some joss stick.

something i don’t understand is, why there’s always so many mendicants outside of temple one? =.= it is really not a pleasant sight lo to tourist.

our last stop, St. George’s Church!

1, Lebuh Farquhar,
10200 Penang.
+604 2612739

build in 1818, it’s the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia! no entry, too bad 🙁 it is also listed on George Town Heritage Site along with Chew Jetty and Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion!

we returned the bikes at 3pm. apparently we were the last. what to do, have to make full use of 25 buck ma. and we have already vowed that, it’s the last time we would torturing ourself like this :/ no more next time.

we ended the day with a huge bowl of fruit ice kacang at New World Park to beat the inner heat!

needless to say, we went home showered. and continued our beauty sleep with whitening maskss on!


19 thoughts on “George Town Bicycle Tour

  1. That’s nice! Car-free day…. Bet that was a lot of fun – cycling, chatting, laughing…enjoying yourselves, plus it’s good exercise. Bet if all are in a car, most would be busy with their smartphones or ipads to socialise – the sign of the times – like what many seem to be doing in cafes and restaurants.
    suituapui recently posted..You make that look good…My Profile

    1. yup it was really fun, getting to know each other more, meet new friends, visit some historical places while racing on the road with other vehicles!

      i’m guilty cos i’m one of the said person who hook on the phone all the time. haih, we are too relied on technology till we sometimes forget how to communicate face to face. but we seldom do that now. the only things to do on makan table, is makan! but i do whip phone out to snap foodie pictures 😛

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